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January 18, 2012 / foodradar



1391 South 300 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Hopefully by now I have given you plenty of food choices here in the city of the Great Salt Lake.  FoodRadar will not steer you wrong, in fact if you have lunch every day at any of these places, I promise multiple spirital experiences, including visions, shakings, hallelujah shouts.  Those who choose not to eat awesome food are left to their own wailing and knashing of teeth… but I digress.  For the sake of argument let’s say it is Tuesday and you still have 3 full days until Friday afternoons at Pat’s BBQ.  I will throw  you a bone and present you will one of the all time greatest creations made on Tuesdays in Salt Lake City.  I present to  you the Fresh Mozzarella and Salami sandwich at the best Italian Deli on Planet FoodRadar – Granatos.

I first tasted the goodness of Frank and Sam Granato’s genius 15 years ago while serving as a missionary in the Liberty Park zone.  My companion and I would oftly visit the deli every fortnight or so and make haste to the sandwich section in the south end of the deli.  There Sam and his crew put together the fresh mozz and salami panini sandwich every Tuesday afternoon.  (Okay maybe we went there 2-3 times a week).  Granato has all sorts of yummy sandwiches on delectable breads, but my favorite has always been their panini sandwiches.  After finishing my mission I returned home to Ohio for a few months, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Granato sandwiches so I moved back a year later.  (okay there may have been a girl involved 😛 )

Over the next few  years while working at GE Capital, Granato quickly became a favorite lunch spot of my buddies and I.  It began by visiting 1-2 times a month.  Each time marveling in the goodness and great taste of Granato’s sandwiches, and happily chomping on one of the Granato “delights” in the car on the way back to work.  “Delights” is the word I have coined for anything in the pastry food group.  You name it, Cannoli, Biscotti, Tarts, Cookies, Brownies,  Croissants stuffed with chocolate or fruity cream-cheesy wonderfullness, Granato has awesome delights!  Granato had a powerful 1-2 punch of food and desert that always left us satisfied.  1-2 times a month quickly turned into weekly.  In fact I distinctly remember one of my co-workers Brent Deland’s rebuke one cold Tuesday afternoon.  I asked him where he wanted to go for lunch.  He just glared back at me.  “Do you know what day it is Hyrum?”  .  Oh yeah – Tuesday.  As if there was ever in doubt that we do Granato’s on Tuesday afternoons.  Sometimes I even wish every day was Tuesday.

This is where the "Delights" rest in peace.

For those who don’t quite grasp what the different between store bought mozzarella and FRESH mozzarella is, then trust me, you don’t know cheese!  Fresh mozzarella (Also see my Settebello post) is so moist and gooey, you could probably take the first bite of your fresh mozz panini and stretch it out a mile, and still have a nice thick strand of cheese from your mouth to your hand.  Each Fresh Mozz sandwich comes with a nice helping of salami and thick slices of fresh mozz on Granato’s signature pesto spread, along with some lettuce and tomato.  These things are amazing.  Now I’m a creature of habit so I always  have my fresh mozz in the same bench facing the same direction every time I go to Granato’s.  Right above my favorite bench is the famous photograph “American Girl in Italy” by Ruth Orkin.  Then to my left is where Granato’s stores the hot food where they server their daily special.  Sometimes there is the fabulous chicken lasagna, sometimes manicotti, but alway a big pan of piping hot meatballs.  This is my favorite spot in Granato’s deli.

Now every sandwich or hot entree that you order at Granato’s comes with a banana pepper and 2-3 of the their marinated karimata olives.  I’ve never really ventured outside of black olives in my life until I visited Granato.  I remember playing with black olives as a kid by placing them on my finger tips and then eating them.  A few times I tried green olives, but let’s face it, green olives in a can are gross.  Granato has a huge selection of amazing REALLY YUMMY olives at their store, and the staff is very friendly and always willing to let you sample a few.   So if you finish your sandwich and just 2-3 olives are not enough, then they have olives of lots of different flavors to choose from and they are all AWESOME!!!

I want to make it perfectly clear that everything at Granato’s is amazing and not just the fresh mozz and salami sandwich, olives, and delights.  This is a DELI after all.   They have a really good frozen food section.  In fact there have been a number of occasions that I have bought a huge pan of their chicken alfredo lasagna and taken it home to bake.  You will be eating it for days it is so big, and it will taste really good heated up in the microwave at work the next day.  Your co-workers will even come over to your desk and ask where you got such an awesome smelling dish.  If it is a guy, then you can just brag, and take really big and slow deliberate bites to make them feel bad, but if it is a girl, and you are single, then what a perfect opportunity to score with the ladies?  Because honestly, who can resist a guy with a plate of hot lasagna?  (Ladies, guys like lasagna too, so yeah, works both ways! ) The frozen section also has a large selection of homemade meatballs, sausages, meats, and different flavors of ravioli. Anyone here enjoy dipping bread in oil and balsamic vinegar?  Granato will hook you up, and you will be skinny-dippin all night.  They have all sorts of artisan breads and a huge assortment of oil and vinegar.   There are even hidden gems throughout the store, like these really tasty Italian wafer cookies, Gnocci (mini potato dumplings?), and the Ritter Sport chocolate bars.  I can honestly say when I enter Granato, I never know what I’m going to buy besides my panini.  No pocket book is safe here.  It really is an exercise in self-control, because there is so much good tasting stuff here, you can really get out of control fast.  Did I tell you of there fine assortment of salted meats and fine cheeses?  Enough is enough! So here is my final word of advise.  Give this place a try.  The staff is really friendly, the food is really tasty, and all your wildest dreams will come true.  You will have an awesome lunch at Granato, and if you want take home some marinara sauce and imported pasta for a delicious dinner with your family.  You can even come to Granato on Saturday because their Saturday panini sandwich is for all intent and purposes as good as the Tuesday sandwich, the BBQ turkey panini.  Finally, I wanna give a shout out to Vicki while I’m at it, because Vicki has rung me up for my panini sandwiches for years now, and she always knows what the freshest best tasting delights of the day are.  Vicki will treat you right!  Granato is awesome!


Feedback appreciated!

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