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January 23, 2012 / foodradar

Sweet Tooth Fairy

The Sweet Tooth Fairy

(Salt Lake Valley locations)

Valley Fair Mall

1334 Foothill Drive

101 East 12300 South

5291 South State St

1140 Fort Union Blvd


This Tooth Fairy is not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that leaves money underneath your pillow.  This is the tooth fairy’s much smarter little sister.  There are a few things that the two may have in common.  The Tooth Fairy will take your tooth away, but will wait until it is out of your mouth.  The Sweet Tooth Fairy will take your money upfront, and then also eventually take your teeth away if you are young, so that her older brother can make some money.  It’s a pretty clever family business actually, but of course if you brush your teeth before going to bed, you probably won’t have too much of a problem.  But wait a minute, I do have a disclaimer, too many visits to the tooth fairy and you will be visited by the Hips Fairy.  Even the hips fairy can be defeated by regular exercise though.  I know this can be a bummer. Speaking of “bummers” there is the @#$ Fairy that can visit as well.  But hey, you know what?  You only live once and all those little fairies don’t really concern me, because The Sweet Tooth fairy is just so darn SWEET, she’s like the Siren of the oceans that lures sailors to her beautiful song, it doesn’t matter where you are, there is a little Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery somewhere close by, calling your name.  Sweet Tooth Fairy and me know each other really, really, really well.  A little too well.  It is for that reason I can’t help but include this little maker of sweet delights on Food Radar.

Cake Bites

Sweet Tooth Fairy really has a lot of delicious treats, but their specialties include cupcakes, cake bites, and cakes.  I’ll start with the cake bites as pictured above.  They take little bite size pieces of cake, and they cover them in white or milk chocolate.  STF has dozens of flavors for your eating pleasure, double fudge, peanut butter, coconut, grasshopper, red velvet, lemon…. and then every month they special little flavors of the month.  Sometimes I eat my cake bite with just one bite, but if you really want to savor the taste, then you can also eat them in two bites.  If you stop in for some cupcakes or other delight, make sure to get a half-dozen or so of these little lovelies to take with you.  They are really easy to set in your drink holder while driving, as you can just pop em’ in and still pay attention to the road.  I really don’t have a favorite here, I’ve tried them all, and I love them all.

Cupcakes are probably my favorite thing that STF makes.  This actually might be my all time favorite treat anywhere, and no one does it better, with more variety, and more love than this place.  As you walk in, most of the bakery display is dominated by their cupcake flavors, and you really do owe it to yourself to take a look at each one.  There is no “cookie cutter” cupcake here, each one has its own cake flavor.  Some of them have creamy centers like the “Nutella” cupcake,  and most of them have special toppings like the Oreo cookie, Vanilla Squarred, Peanut Butter Chocolate, or the Elvis.  I actually had the Elvis the other day, it is a banana bread cupcake covered with creamy peanut butter frosting, and covered with a rich chocolate covering.  Each cupcake is its own little work of art.

The Elvis Cupcake

You know that deep breath or moan or giggle you take after you just took a bite of something amazing?  Expect lots of those moments while eating Sweet Tooth Fairy delights.  I’m pretty sure they put Tinkerbell Fairy Dust, gypsy tears, or something else magical in each one.  And if you have a nice cold glass of milk to drink with one of these beauties?  Forget bout it!  HEAVEN!  I feel like I’m at Disneyland drinking a pineapple dole whip juice, they make me so happy!  I think the appropriate amount of cupcakes to buy when you go is a baker’s dozen.  They give you a big brown box to put them in, but then they give you a 13th cupcake to take with you.  That way if you are taking cupcakes somewhere for someone special, you can walk in with the dozen, and they don’t have to know that you have secretly already had the 13th.  I guess that means my secret is out.  For my family my wife loves the peanut butter chocolate, so that is an automatic 2, my daughter likes the raspberry lemon, and my son loves the Oreo cookie or double fudge, so when I order my baker’s dozen I already have a base 6 I choose.  STF really has exceptional monthly flavors.  When they make the key lime cupcake – DO IT.  Also highly recommended is the Peach Cobbler cupcake, nothing will make your mouth happier.  Different cupcakes may appeal to you in different ways and at different times.  Picking out your baker’s dozen can be so much fun!

The Ice Cream Sundae birthday cake

Every cupcake on the menu can be made into a birthday cake.  A few months back they had an awesome flavor, the Ice Cream Sundae, so when I asked them if they could make it into a cake, I was kind of skeptical of how it would turn out.  That was the first and last time I doubted this place and their ability to deliver.  The Ice Cream Sundae has little scoops of special ice cream flavored cream on top, and that cream is topped with a chocolate ganache as well as the rest of the cake.  Little sprinkles and cherries to boot complete this awesome cake.  My wife got her favorite cupcake into a cake for her birthday, the peanut butter chocolate cake.  This cake had chocolate cake with layers of peanut butter frosting, and clusters of peanut butter cups on top.  It may not look very wide, but it is very tall, so even the smaller sizes can go a long way to feed a family or office.  At work I usually get birthday cakes for people, and I never have problems feeding 12-15 people.  For my little girl’s birthday she wanted a key lime cake.  It was sooooo good.  In fact it was so good my little girl couldn’t wait for the rest of us before she tore into it with her fingers, so if you pickup the cake beforehand, please learn from my experience and keep it somewhere high where little kids and husbands can’t get to it.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

The Key Lime Cake is not finger-proof. Please be careful of little curious girls nearby.

Sweet Tooth Fairy does have punch cards, so be sure to bring them every visit to earn free discounts on your delights.  Keep an eye out also for Groupons or KSL for special deals and specials.  STF does a good job of advertising.  In closing, I really love this place.  If you are on a diet and are going to “cheat” a little bit, you might as well cheat the RIGHT way and give yourself something really tasty.  Don’t settle for some store-bought “Sugar Free” or “Low Fat” or “Diet” pastry.  YUCK.  Go big and go tasty.  Just take a few more laps at the gym, you may sweat a little bit more, but I can guarantee you will have a big smile on your face while you do.


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