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February 2, 2012 / foodradar

Lonestar Taqueria

Lonestar Taqueria

2265 East Fort Union Blvd

Salt Lake City, UT 84121

I’d like to start with the original Lonestar.  That’s right I’m talking about Dark Helmet’s arch nemesis from Mel Brook’s 1987 classic Spaceballs.  That movie has so many classic quotes.  Some of those include the famous combination to open Planet Druidia’s air shield “One……Two……Three……Four……Five.”  “That’s the stupidest combination I’ve heard of in my life, The kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!”  or you have “Raspberry.  There’s only one man who would dare give me the raspberry jam …. Lonestar!”  or finally in the epic Dark Helmet vs. Lonestar battle.  “I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!”

Use the Schwartz!

So with that said, I would highly recommend using the Schwartz and putting your car into “Ludacris Speed” and warp on over to LoneStar Taqueria if you are in the mood for some of Salt Lake City’s best fish taco’s and burritos.  Lonestar has been serving some of Salt Lake’s best Mexican food up on the east bench since 1995.  Before I go further I have to throw out a mention to Cafe Rio.  I’ve debated on whether or not to include Cafe Rio on FoodRadar because some might say it got its start here in Salt Lake.  My official position is that “yes” I do enjoy Cafe Rio, I mean who doesn’t.  But it’s not necessarily a “best kept secret” like Lonestar Taqueria is.  Besides, I hope that you visit this site to find fresh new tastes, and telling you that Cafe Rio is good is sorta like preaching to the choir.  So all Cafe Rio aside, this place is awesome.

My Buddy

Now before you start scratching your head, or think “Why did Hyrum just insert a picture of My Buddy into this post?”  I can explain.  I’ve been coming to Lonestar Taqueria for a few years now, and every time I come, I get helped by one of the friendliest dudes you will find in any restaurant.  I have to confess that I don’t know his name, but i know that I’m his friend.  Why?  He calls me his “Buddy” at least  4-5 times each order.  “Welcome buddy”  “One carne asada burito buddy?”  “Would you like a drink with that buddy?”  “Here is your meal buddy!”  Now I want him to know that if he ever reads this post, PLEASE DON’T CHANGE!!!  I like that I’m your buddy amigo!  And I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one that appreciates your friendly service.  So all you FoodRadar followers out there.  Go visit Taqueria if not for the great food, but because just like Tom Shayne always tells us that we have a friend in the diamond business, you definitely have a “buddy” in the taco business.

I’m a burrito guy.  I’m not going to hide or pretend I’m something I’m not.  My first visit I had their huge carne asada burrito.  I’m going to just say it now…….  wait for it …….  wait for it………. (you already know what word I’m going to use) …… yep that’s right, the burrito’s are AWESOME!  But you know what makes them even awesome-er?  It’s Lonestar’s homemade green tomatillo sauce.  You will find this green sauce at their salsa bar at the upper left hand corner for those that are color challenged.  This stuff is NOT spicy, but I believe has a pineapple base with a touch of tomatillo.  I always make sure to have 2-3 cups of green pineapple tomatillo during each burrito eating.  Every bite much be properly garnered with their sauce to ensure optimal delicousness.  One of my pet peeves of poorly made burrito’s and Taco Bell is the biggest culprit, is that you can have a few bites where you get nothing but beans, or another bite with just tortilla.  It takes a burrito master to properly distribute the burrito stuffing throughout the burrito.  I don’t like to have wasted bites in my food, and you won’t get any from LoneStar.  Each bite has a good amount of carne asada, rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream, and tomato.  Just make sure you got your green tomatillo salsa by your side and you will not go wrong!

The green stuff is awesome!

Today I visited LoneStar for what I thought was going to be my usual burrito, but I felt prompted to ask my buddy, that if he had to recommend one thing for a new comer, something that would make them decide to come back for a second visit, what would it be?  My buddy just pointed up to the menu and said “The house special is the fish tacos buddy”  Well shiver me timbers!  By golly today I have the fish tacos, and I can definitely tell know why my buddy suggested it.  These fish tacos are really, really good.  I can’t say that I’ve really had a fish taco before.  The idea of a fishy tasting (pun intended) flavor mixed with tortillas didn’t really seem appetizing, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The fish is grilled and fresh.  There is so much flavor.  The tacos are really, really awesome.

Fish Tacos with a ice cold Coke

There you have it folks.  LoneStar Taqueria.  A really good place that has been around for 17 years now, and the lunch crowds are always big.  The fact that this place is popping and still going strong after all this time really is an indicator of the quality of food.  When looking for LoneStar just look for the old car covered with stickers in the front.  Lonestar has a nice southwestern ambiance to it, has great tasting food, and is the home of everyone’s buddy.  Try it today!


Once you see this car, you will know you are in the right place


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  1. switchingreels / Feb 2 2012 3:54 am

    Technically, Cafe Rio started in St George 😉

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