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February 10, 2012 / foodradar



So this is my first post from my new Products section.  I’ve come to the realization that you don’t HAVE to go out to eat at a restaurant to get great food!  You can have great food and delights right from the comfort of your own home.  This new section is dedicated to yummy products and recipes that are praiseworthy and of good report.  What a way to start this off by talking about Choffy!

You can probably put two and two together.  From the picture above you have ground up cocoa beans, and that shiny green thing next to them is a french press.  I’m guessing the word Choffy comes from the word Coffee and Chocolate.  (see what they did there?)  My wife Monica is from Colombia, where you could probably guess makes awesome coffee.   Being a convert to the LDS faith when she was 20, Monica grew up on coffee and arepas living in Cali, Colombia.  In fact our last visit there we went to a mini “Disneyland” called Coffee Park.  Coffee Park was in Armenia, Colombia and it had kids rides, roller coasters, and even a live show where dancers would act out different scenes from Colombia’s history with the coffee bean.  I’m only stating this because being raised LDS, I’ve never really drank coffee other than a sip to taste it.  I’ve never really liked the stuff, but have always loved the smell.  So when I heard about Choffy, I thought what a great way for a good Mormon boy like me (okay stop laughing!) to enjoy something like coffee, but something that is actually GOOD for you, and healthy, and something that actually tastes GOOD!  Well here you go boys and girls, I have just your drink!

Choffy is pretty straightforward in its preparation.  It starts with your ground up cocoa beans that then have to go through a filtration process much like the way coffee is made.  You can then add creamer or sugar to taste to the end product and even a dollup of whipped cream if you dare, and Wallah!  You have your choffy drink.  Now with Choffy I have to admit I break one of my major food pet peeves, and that is people that try to take junk food and make it healthy.  I’m talking about the little “Diet” chocolate bars you can buy in the stores, or “Diet” soda.  My mantra is if you are going to have a snack.  HAVE YOURSELF A SNACK!  I don’t want gross tasting cookies or brownies, I want them packed with the good stuff.  Which is why I was kinda surprised after tasting how good Choffy is that it only have 20 calories per serving and comes with the same amount of anit-oxidants as 2 cups of blueberries.  These sneaky little rascals tried to give me something tasty and healthy at the same time, but I think I’m okay with it.

Another nice thing about Choffy is it doesn’t have a lot of the stuff that coffee has.  It has something called Theobromine.  Tbeobromine provides energy like caffeine does, but doesn’t have the negative effects and energy crashes that come with caffeine.  If you really enjoy hot chocolate, but maybe not all the carbs and calories, this is a nice alternative.   It really is a perfect drink for this cold winter we are having here in Salt Lake this year. (Sarcasm intended)

So take a look at the website link above, and if you have questions send a note to LeeAnn Mason who is a Choffy distributor.  Just be aware that you may atrack some Oompa Loompas while preparing a piping hot cup of delicous Choffy!



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  1. Ruby Rader / Feb 10 2012 4:05 am

    Hyrum, this looks really interesting!! I would love to try it. Where do you buy it?

    • LeeAnn / Feb 10 2012 10:48 pm

      You can purchase it directly from me in West Valley (email me at for contact info) or from the website If you purchase any Choffy Variety Set, or any of our 48oz press set, we will ship it to you for free! This is a great way to introduce your Valentine to Choffy. Take advantage of this offer until Feb 14th!

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