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February 10, 2012 / foodradar

Dragon Diner

Okay you Chinese food lovers, I got your Chinese food for you.  When I think of Chinese food, I think of really, really, bad Chinese food or in other words, the kind that makes you sick, or sends you right to the restroom, or I think of the really awesome Chinese food, the kind that is cooked right and really good.  With all these good Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese places out there, sometimes I feel that we Americans are the only ones who don’t really know how to eat.  Dragon Diner for your approval!

Just like in my last post about Lonestar Taqueria where I had to immediately come out and just state that I really like Cafe Rio.  I gotta come out and just share something about PF Changs.  This time however, I’m going to actually say that I am not a fan of Changs.  This may anger a lot of my fan base, but I just gotta call it like I see it.  I get a lot of “Well Hyrum you just have to order the right thing”.  Well I’ve been to Changs like 4 times, and it has never been on my own dime, always a business lunch.  The place is always packed and I get something different each time, and each time, while the food tasted okay, it did not blow me away at all.  Dragon Diner is by far my favorite Chinese food in the Salt Lake Valley. which is like a Rotten Tomatoes of food review sites has a 82% approval rating for this place, so that is a pretty strong indicator that is has good stuff.  So skip out on the Changs next time and go to Dragon Diner.

General Tsao's Chicken

What I love about this place is it is very, very inexpensive, but it the price doesn’t match the quality of the food.  I always go there for lunch, and I pay $6.74 each time.  For just 6$ you can get the lunch special, which comes with a bowl of soup, a plate of crunchy chips with sweet and sour dipping sauce, a huge portion of rice, your lunch meat portion, and finally either 2 cream cheese wonton, eggrole, or paper wrapped chicken.  The photo above is of my favorite dish and that is the General Tsao’s chicken, although I have been told that the Pon Pon chicken is really good too.

The service at Dragon Diner is impeccable as well.  They get you your drink and chips and soup very quickly, and you usually have your food within 5 minutes of your order.  I have really come to appreciate this service.  I’m in and I’m out, just the way I like it!

I feeling pretty confident that you will like this place and find it delicious!  The food is well cooked, the rice never has those little stale pieces of rice that you sometimes find at other places, and the meat never is too oily, or filled with fatty stuff.  If you gotta go Chinese Food ….  Go Dragon Diner!!!

PS:  About 2 times a year I get the urge to go to Panda Express.  Immediately after eating, I am reminded of exactly why I only eat Panda Express 2 times a year.  That place is disgusting!  Did I mention that Dragon Diner is awesome?


Feedback appreciated!

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