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February 18, 2012 / foodradar


When the moon hits your eye.  Like a big pizza pie.  That’s Amore!

Yes the immortal words of the great Dean Martin, that’s what immediately came to mind when I read a little chalk board easel just off the sidewalk over on the corner of 200 East and 500 South.  The chalkboard easel was advertising something called the “Amore Bomb” for only six dollars.  How can you refuse something with that name?  The Amore Bomb is a pizza crust bread, meatball, cheese, and sauce filled hot sandwich.  I would kinda compare it to an exalted meatball pocket on steroids.  After reading the sign I knew I had to have it.  When I walked to restaurant in front of the sign I immediately recognized it as Cannella’s.  Now I have driven by Cannella’s well over a hundred times, and each time thought to myself.  “You know what Hyrum, you gotta try that place some day”.  I’m a big lover of Italian food.  I spent my high school days working in the best Italian food place on earth, so I try to make it a point to visit as many Italian joints as I can.  You guys know those places that we see either daily, weekly, or on the way to work or just driving around downtown?  This was that place for me.  In fact I can think of a hundred places I would like to visit one day, but have just have not found the time.  I’m really glad I decided to try Cannella’s.

The Amore Bomb

Cannella’s is really classy on the inside.  They offer all the  classic Italian Fare, and medium range prices.  They have daily lunch specials like manicotti and meatball with rigatoni pasta on Thursdays or an Italian hot dip sandwich on Tuesdays.  My friend and I decided to get a few Amore bombs to go.  As we waited the lady that worked there explained and bragged about how good their meatballs were.  They make them in-house and they are huge.  She certainly was talking a big game, and making me really hungry at the same time.  Finally the cook brought out our Amore Bomb’s in white 12 inch pizza boxes.  I opened it up and just had to take a picture.  When we got back to the car, the smell was so intoxicating we just had to have a bite of the Amore Bomb before heading back to the office.  I always like to taste food at their freshest in order to give it a fair shake.  WOW, this sandwich was so awesome, the entire trip down 700 east we were the poster boys for the Utah highway patrol on how NOT to drive.  I had the steering wheel in one hand, and my Amore Bomb in the other.  The were so many groans and moans of happiness, you would probably of suspected something, but what can I say?  When the moon hit’s your eye like a big pizza pie?  That’s Amore!

So I can’t say that I’m an expert on this place yet.  I’ve only had one of their lunch specials that they probably don’t even do everyday.  But I can assure you this place just put itself on the FoodRadar map.  In fact it is just blocks away from Moochies, so now my number #1 lunch destination has a little competition!


Feedback appreciated!

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