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March 11, 2012 / foodradar

La Hacienda

If La Hacienda was an American Idol contestant, then Randy Jackson would emphatically say “La Hacienda is in it to win it!!!”.  Let’s say that American Idol came to Salt Lake City for auditions, but instead of contestants you had restaurants.  There are thousands of eating establishments in the Salt Lake Valley that would audition and most of them would never make it to the final judges Randy, Steven, and J-Lo.  There would be yet others that would make it to the judges for entertainment value, but with no real substance. And then there is La Hacienda.  La Hacienda would not only make it to the final judges, but they would get their ticket punched to Hollywood.  Of all the Mexican restaurants in Salt Lake, this one is definitely “In it to Win It!!”

Look at me! La Hacienda is in it to win it!!

Now before I get to the main course of La Hacienda there are two important things to know before you order your food.  First of all La Hacienda will bring you a warm bowl of freshly made tortilla chips and salsa.  I love free stuff, and this is the  I’m not talking about gross, hard, cold tortilla chips.  La Hacienda makes their own chips, and applies a special seasoning to them.  The salsa is amazing.  Remember that old Pace Picante Salsa commercials with the cowboys sitting around the fire?  They found out one of them had salsa made in New York City?  Well  this salsa really is the “Real Deal” and made right here in Salt Lake City.  It does has a little heat on its fastball, but not enough to strike you out 1-2-3.  Trust me you can handle this.  It also has a nice chunkiness to sauce ratio, so that every time you dip your chip in the salsa, you can be sure you won’t drip all over the place before the chip reaches your grill.  I highly recommend these chips.  (on second thought they bring them to you free, so recommendation or not, you get them) 🙂

Secondly while you are eating your warm bowl of chips, someone is going to ask you what to drink.  Take my advice and get the horchata!  If your Mexican Restaurant doesn’t have horchata on the menu, then they are not really a Mexican Restaurant.  Sorry Del Taco and Taco Bell, you don’t make the cut.  Horchata is made of milk, rice, sugar, and cinnamon.  There are many different ways to make horchata, but La Hacienda has some of the best stuff in town.  I wouldn’t be surprise if they also add gypsy tears, ground up mariachis, and star dust as well.  Horchata will put hair on your chest if you are a guy, and if you are a girl, will make your hair shine like a Pantene Pro-V commercial.   I have one of the pickiest 6 year old girls on the planet and she LOVES this stuff.  My 8 month pregnant wife, has demanded this 10 times in the last 2 weeks if you include 2 minutes ago when she saw the picture of horchata I inserted above.  So do yourself a solid, and don’t get the normal run of the mill Coke or Sprite, and please don’t turn Scrooge and just order water.  Horchata should be your choice.  Finally another thing I love about this drink is how it goes so well with everything.  You know there are some dishes that for example don’t taste good with Coke?  Horchata goes with every Mexican dish like a hand in glove.

Finally the moment you have been waiting for.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

WARNING:  The following could be disturbing for those who like gross food, or plan on losing any sort of weight today.

The chile verde smothered carne asada burrito
This dish is amazing.  I don’t order it every time just because pretty much everything on their menu is awesome, I like to mix it up.  If the Zoolander school for ants was real, then this burrito would be a nuclear submarine.  It’s a least 5 times bigger than the average burrito!!!  (If you have never seen Zoolander, you missed a little humor there…..and shame on you for never watching Zoolander).  La Hacienda has some awesome chili verde salsa, and when they say smothered in cheese, they ain’t kiddin’ around.  Every plate is garnished with rice and refried beans.  I like to create a mini black hole vortex in the middle of my plate.  I use my fork to cut off a little burrito, then I take a little beans and a little rice while I form my bite.  Just think of Bob Ross and his pallette how he mixes the paints together.  This plate is a work of art in the same manner.

Other items that I have sampled and are delicious are the chimichangas and quesadillas de masa.  The quesadilla de masa is about the size of a taco and has chicken, pork, or beef along with cheese inside.  It’s deep-fried to perfection and delicious.  La Hacienda has a lot to offer so if it is your first time, you would do well to order the 2 item or 3 item combo so you can sample everything.  My son Luke loves fish and gets the tilapia every time.  La Hacienda does it right and makes it tight.  (just throwin’ our rhymes now)  So don’t trip and eat a chocolate chip.  (Okay I’m done)  No more rhymes I mean it!!!  Anyone want a peanut?  Hahahahaha.

La Hacienda comes highly recommended by the FoodRadar.  You don’t even have to watch Steven Tyler to enjoy it.  You can go by anytime to cast your vote.  You are going to love it America!



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  1. abby / Jun 19 2012 3:22 pm

    freaking love this place 🙂

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