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March 18, 2012 / foodradar

Penny Ann’s Cafe

I was scrolling through last week’s Groupon offering and one stood out for Penny Ann’s Cafe.  It had a picture of tasty looking sandwich and was $6 dollars for $12 dollars worth of food.  It was well worth the purchase, because I now have a new awesome diner to add to FoodRadar.  I set off during my lunch hour to find Penny Ann’s.  It was a little difficult at first.  I drove by one of my favorite spots Pat’s BBQ, and even drove by the famous Grove Market Deli.  In hindsight, I even passed Penny Ann’s a few times before noticing on the corner of a big white building there was a sign that advertised food, pies, and sandwiches.  That was it.  1810 South Main Street, so I parked my car and headed in side.

One thing that definitely stood out to me was the outstanding service at Penny Ann’s.  It reminds me of movies and T.V shows where you go into a diner and everywhere there seems to know your name and they are glad you came.  (Sorry Cheers, no alcohol here.)  I told my waitress that I had purchased the Groupon and it was my first time, and to see if she could recommend something good.  She went through a number of her favorites, along with some additional suggestions.  I remembered the picture of the sandwich on Groupon’s site, and asked her about it.  She mentioned that they had really good sandwiches including really good Reubens.  I probably would have gone with the sandwich but I wanted to get my full $12 dollars worth of food, and the prices were so cheap, it would have left me with unspent money.  I decided to go with the Chicken Parmesan dinner and fettucine alfredo.  Even for a dinner plate, it was only $8.99, so I threw in some fried cheese ravioli as well.


I’m here to say that you really can’t find a better plate of food at many places than that what Penny Ann’s gives you.  The chicken parmesan was a really, really, big piece of chicken breast that seems to be filleted and then dipped in egg and italian bread crumbs and fried.  It was then completely covered with marinara sauce, cheese and cooked.  Penny Ann’s doesn’t rip you off on the cheese part either.  The chicken was delicious and the marinara sauce was just right.  I’m really tempted to get the meatball sandwich next time I go just to try their marinara sauce again.  Also I happened to be spying on the table next to me where a patron ordered a meatball sandwich.  It looked huge and really good.  Back to my plate though.  Alfredo, in my book, can be overdone and it can be underdone.  If it is underdone, you really don’t get the creaminess and flavor, but if it is overdone, then you take 3-4 bites, and you have had enough.  This fettucine was just right.  The pasta was delicious, and I was able to just mow my way through the plate, mixing the chicken and the fettucine in each bite.

I was getting really full because I began my meal with the fried cheese ravioli, but I decided it was too good to leave.  At the end there was just enough sauce for my breadstick to soak up the extras.   Now this breadstick, like many breadsticks out there, doesn’t play second fiddle to the plate.  It was very soft and chewy and perfect.  Some Italian places I go to, the breadstick is kind of an after thought, it is present, but really doesn’t do anything for me.  This plate was amazing.  Did I mention it was only 9 bucks?  You can go throw down 15 bucks at a high-end restaurant if you want to, but if you want good service, atmosphere, and great prices, save your self some money and go to Penny Ann’s.

The only thing I have left out of this review is the fact Penny Ann’s cafe also has a wide selection of made from scratch pies.  You guys all know by now I like pastries, cookies, and pies pretty much as much as anyone else.  My next trip to Penny Ann’s I personally guarantee there will be desert involved.  Hope you all enjoy Penny Ann’s Cafe as much as I did.  Its quick, its delicious, it is everything you would want in ‘Cafe’ food.



Feedback appreciated!

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