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March 30, 2012 / foodradar

Glaus French Pastry Shop

Brownies and Creme Horns!!!!

You know how tough it is to keep up on this blog when I’m trying to lose weight?  It’s pretty tough.  Especially when you work a few blocks away from some of the best pastries in Utah.  Glaus has been around for a very long time.  I remember my first trip to Glaus there was a picture on the wall of the original owner shaking David O. McKay’s hand.  They also had a menu on the wall where the most expensive item was a steak dinner for $1.00. (I think you could get liverwurst for like 5 cents). The only way places like these stay around for as long as they do is by putting out quality products that taste great and with service that resonates with the community.  I’m here to tell you that you will not, can not, find a better german chocolate brownie anywhere.  I don’t care if you take the Delta direct flight to Paris, the best German chocolate brownie is off of Highland drive at Glaus Pastry shop.

To be completely honest with you I’m not even a big fan of german chocolate.  I don’t like the texture of coconut in my mouth although I have always loved pina coladas so I do like the taste.  Glaus’ german chocolate brownies are quite simply a revelation.  They have been making them for a long time, so who knows how long they have been perfecting the recipe.  Brownies, like other great foods have a sweet spot, just like a baseball bat, where you get the best flavor, texture, and chewiness.  I chose to try the german chocolate brownie on my first visit because the young lady working there assured me that I would love it.  She was right.  The brownies, are not overly light like some you could make from a box mix, nor are they overly hard like the ones you leave in the oven too long.  They are not too fudgy or chocolatey so that you feel you have to run for the nearest glass of milk after your first bite.  They are also not overly nutty, or filled with too much frosting that  will put you in a diabetic coma.  Each bite is just right.  Your teeth sink into the brownie at just the right speed.  The consistency is just perfect, and it doesn’t leave you with “brownie mouth” that you have to get a milk IV before you can take another bite.  The german chocolate frosting on top is perfect, in fact I don’t even like calling it a frosting, it is more like a warm blanket.  It has just the right amount of coconut so that you don’t find yourself chewing more coconut than brownie which is important.  You can probably tell that I have put a lot of thought into describing these brownies.  I just want to make sure that I do them proper justice.  I do have to warn my audience however.  Once you have these brownies, then you can never look at other brownies in the same light again.  Every office potluck, ward dinner, or Duncan Hines box will send shivers down your back.  None of those will ever compare to Glaus brownies.

Glaus DOES make other stuff other than brownies.  They have tons of exotic cakes and cookies, and they always have a tray full of fresh eclairs of all sizes.  Doesn’t really matter what you choose because everything is delicious, but I would definitely recommend on NOT passing up the creme horns.

On the second day of Glaus-mas my true love gave to me….2 french creme horns, and a eclair and a brown-ieeeeee

Are you guys seeing this picture?  You see the size of the creme horns?  There are some days I spend my entire day thinking of these creme horns.   My co-workers and I have had many debates about these creme filled flaky pastries lined with raspberry jelly on the bottom.  The debate centers around where to begin eating a creme horn?  Do you start on the big side or the small side?  I personally begin with the small end, and then slowly make my way to the big end, because just like firework displays I like grand finales.  Glaus has the best creme horns I’ve ever tasted.  Even saying the word “creme horn” is fun.  “Hyrum where are you going?”  “Oh to go get some creme horns!!!”   When trying to go to sleep, I don’t count sheep jumping over fences, I count creme horns jumping over fences.  I love creme horns!   CREME HORNS!!!  CREME HORNS!!!!   CREME HORNS!!!

You should always know where the nearest bakery and pastry shop is.  If you are anywhere near Glaus, and get the urge for a tasty delight, I suggest stopping by.  Glaus is located right next to a Big-O tires on Highland, and it is kinda tucked away from the street a bit, so you might miss it the first time, but don’t give up.  If you want an awesome brownie or creme horn, or other delicious snack, just stop in here!




Feedback appreciated!

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