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April 7, 2012 / foodradar


Remember in the cartoon movie “Charlotte’s Web” when Templeton the rat goes around the county fair eating everything in site.   I believe the name of the song was Smorgasbord.  Templeton would eat all the left over cotton candy, french fries, nachos, soda, candy, pickles, churros, etc.  You name it, and Templeton was all over it.  Why am I referencing this song?  That is how I feel when I walk into Gourmandise.  There are SOOOOO  MANY options to choose from.  Everything you can imagine, they got it.  Tiramisu, cookies, cakes, croissants, creme brulee, brownies, cupcakes, pastries of all kinds and shapes, fresh-baked breads, tarts filled with fresh fruits, etc.  You really have to take your time when choosing, it is all so tempting, tantalizing, and delicious!

Templeton would be in heaven at this place.

I made the picture extra big so you can get a true sense of what I am talking about.  See those eclairs on the bottom left hand corner?  I know you did.  See those tarts loaded with fruits?  Canollis, napoleons, cake slices.  If you even look at the top shelf, those things that look like peaches are called……wait for it……peaches!  They are a soaked cake filled with fresh creme.  Yummy!

I’ll give you just a few recommendations for your first time.  I absolutely love their tiramisu.  Tiramisu is a traditional Italian cake made with cinnamon, chocolate, and coffee flavored cake.  Gormandise’s tiramisu has just the right balance of all those flavors so that neither one of them overpowers the other.  Plus their tiramisu is lined with crunchy tasty lady finger cookies.  You can order the tiramisu or any of their special delicious cakes in the large sizes custom for a birthday party or baby shower, or you can come and get a generous cake slice if you just have an itch that needs to be scratched.

Don’t underestimate their cookies either.  I make it a rule that every visit I get two white chocolate macadamia nut cookies without question.  There are two reasons I do this.  Reason #1 is their cookies are delicious, and very few people love and eat cookies like I love and eat cookies, and #2 if you get a tasty pastry, Gourmandise always does an awesome job of putting it in a nice looking box with a ribbon.  Sometimes if I’m getting stuff to go or take back somewhere, it is nice to have immediate access to a cookie to hold you over until you can eat your pastry.

Gourmandise is not just a bakery but also a diner.  They are open for lunch where they offer a wide variety of soups, sandwiches, and salads.  I’ve never personally eat there for lunch, but I always make it a point to watch the waitresses as they take out orders, and everything looks delicious.

Gourmandise is worth a try.  It is located just a few blocks from the library and also City Creek downtown.  I have a few favorite bakerys in the Salt Lake area, but one thing that makes this place stand out is the wide variety of options.  Their display case is always full of delicious choices.  It’s a smorgasbord of yummy delights!



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  1. Charity / Apr 8 2012 3:59 am

    My friend took me to lunch here last year, just standing at the counter makes you happy 😀 We split a sandwich was was huge and had great fixings, all fresh.

  2. Tammy Calloway / Apr 22 2012 9:19 am

    Last night while the daughter was at Prom at the Living Planet Aquarium, my son and I drove back up just to go to this bakery. It was busy as it was a Saturday night but we were grabbing to go with only goodies in mind. Instant drool! The place is not cheap but we had come all this way so we got 7 different things and thus far tried 3. Having to share each three ways is not easy when one takes a first bite and has heaven in ones mouth! The first was this round chocolate mini tower that was chocolate cake and mouse and butter cream that all just melted in your mouth and makes your eyes roll to the back of your head! Awesome! The second was the “peach” you mentioned. This is a brioche bread that was filled with custard and had peach syrup soaking the bottom. Wow! The third was a cream puff, one of my favorite things that I myself make very well but it had been awhile so we got one. The whip cream was sweetened just right, good texture and it was real whip cream, not the fake stuff you would find at store bakeries.
    I would never spend the $30 + on a full cake from anywhere but spending $3-5 on one small piece of heaven, and not have to share with the kids, is not a bad thing. Thanks Hyrum!

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