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April 14, 2012 / foodradar

Les Madeleines Patisserie

I promise this will be my last bakery post for a long time!  I have reviewed many fine and wonderful bakeries here in the Salt Lake Valley in the past few months.  Sweet Tooth Fairy and their awesome cupcakes and cake bites, Glaus and their amazing german chocolate brownies and creme horns, and then who can forget Gourmandise and their wide assortment of creme brulee, cakes, cannolis, and tarts.  I have to admit it, I love bakeries.  You just say the word “pastry” or “cookie” and my eyes light up.  This is why it is an absolute travesty, that it has taken me 15 years of living in Salt Lake City to try what may be the best tasting pastry I’ve had anywhere period.  There I’ve said it.  These other places I really do love and cherish, but this post is dedicated to one item on the menu at Les Madeleines Patisserie, and that is the Kouing Aman.

Any amount of coin is worth the price for this buttery flaky piece of French Heaven.  I close my eyes and can imagine myself standing next to the Eiffel Tower with one of those berets that Clark Griswold was sporting in National Lampoons, and purchasing one of these delights from a street vendor named Pierre.  These pastries are Les Madelines best-selling products, they even ship them all across the country.  I first heard about these things when I was on my bakery kick for FoodRadar, and several co workers asked if I had tried this place.  Then I noticed that Les Madeleines was one of the top ranked bakeries in CityWeekly and KSL.  Based on these facts, I knew I had to try a Kouing Aman for myself.  Les Madeleines is located just a few stores down from Canella’s Italian restaurant which I reviewed last month.  I walked in behind two other patrons who were there for the exact same reason, to try the Kouing Aman for the first time as well.  I told the lady I was there for the same thing and watched her package one up in a custom pastry box.  She must have known that you can’t leave me alone in front of a pastry display case without me ordering more stuff, so I also bought a hazelnut creme eclair thingy and a special type of brownie.  I walked out of there and drove back to work, excited to try this marvel out finally.

The Griswold's are in the wrong place if they want a Kouing Aman

Aman’s are crunchy, soft, chewy, sweet, buttery, and tasty all in one.  It is the holy grail of pastries.  My first words after tasting one were “Are you kidding me?”  Kouing Aman’s were featured on the Food Networks “Best thing I’ve ever tasted” show.  I stand in line with whoever did that show.  You know how in school you learn about the food groups?  Vegetables, Meats, Dairy, Fruits etc.  Well mine are Pastries, Nachos, BBQ Ribs, and Kouing Amans.  Those are the only 4 food groups you need to survive and be awesome.  How many gypsies had to be tortured to extract sufficient tears to make these delights so scrumptious?  I don’t have the answer to that question.  I only know that if you have yet to taste this, then make it a priority.


Feedback appreciated!

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