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April 18, 2012 / foodradar

Fat’s Grill

I was so hungry, I “accidently” took a few bites of my BBQ burger before remembering I had to take a picture first.

I’m a big believer that if you go out to lunch,  you might as well get the best possible value and experience for your money.  What more can you ask for than a delicious burger and fries while you shoot some pool with your buddy?  Fat’s will give you all that at their location in Sugar House across the street from Whole Foods.  There is always plenty of good free parking spaces in the back or right out on the street, I’ve never had a problem getting in and out of Fat’s.  They also have plenty of tables so you don’t have to worry about waiting in line or catching the lunch rush to get in and out during your allotted lunch time.  I love this place!  I’ve already been coming here for years with friends and co-workers, and this place is locally owned and very popular with the local Sugar House crowd.  As you can see from the 90% rating on Urbanspoon, this place is very highly recommended.

My favorite item on the menu are the burgers.  Try the Firehouse, TNT, or the garlic burger which are some of my favorites.  Burgers are pretty hard to get wrong when you are hungry, but there are some subtle pieces of the burger that if you get wrong, you can really ruin this lunch favorite.  For starters, the bun that Fat’s uses is exceptional.  The buns are never stale or crunchy, but always soft and chewy.  They don’t just go to the local grocery store and buy a package of Wonder Buns and serve us some ground beef to you.  These buns really are quite good, and always warm and toasted.  Another thing I like about Fat’s is they give you the bun and burger with cheese separate from the lettuce, tomato, and onion.  This way when you get your plate, you can be assured that the cold toppings are cold, and the piping hot toppings are …. piping hot.  That first bite is always so good!   Ever get annoyed that you have to ask for fry sauce with your fries?  You would think that places in Utah would get the hint that we like our fry sauce.  You won’t have that problem at Fats.  The fries are then and crispy, but not overdone.  And yes, they always come with ketchup and fry sauce depending on what suits your fancy.

Now for a few little “extra’s that make this place even more awesome.  On the desert menu they bring in deserts from one of my local FoodRadar favorites Glaus french pastry shop.  YES!  And for those who like to keep their girlish figures, they have a wide selection of fresh wraps, I count 10 on their menu.  Yes that is not a type-o, most places give you a measly 1 or 2 options for wraps, but not Fat’s  because there is no shame in their game.  They give you 10 choices!

Finally, I’ve been told that their beer selection is exceptional with a wide selection of micro-brews to choose from.  I’m not a beer drinker myself, but what I like about Fat’s is they have a bar section with pool tables for those that are drinking, but also a dining area for folks that want to bring kids and get a bite to eat.  They do a very good job about providing for all types of people to enjoy their lunch.

Guys and Girls.  Fat’s really is a fantastic spot for lunch.  Keep an eye out for Groupon specials for this place, or other deals where you can get half off on your lunch.  Fat’s often participates in these types of promotions.  Not very good at pool/billiards?  Hey why do you think I come here?  You don’t have to be very good to enjoy a good game of pool, as you can see from the picture below, my form and game are not very polished, but I promise you won’t mind while chomping on a Fat’s burger and fries.  Enjoy!





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