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May 8, 2012 / foodradar

Ruby Snap

Yesterday afternoon I left the office early and decided to try a new place for lunch and desert.  I was driving north on 300 W and I recalled several times before passing a cookie place on the NW corner of 800 S.  The tag line stood out to me “You know you want my cookies”.  Yes it is true, I’m a lover of cookies so it was inevitable that I was going to one day try Ruby Snap.  Turns out that I’m really sorry I didn’t try them earlier because these cookies are delicious!  I rank them amongst the greatest in Utah.  Here is why.

Ruby Snap specialty cookies

Ruby snap does not apply drab, generic names to their cookies like other bakeries.  You will not find a “chocolate chip” or “peanut butter” or “sugar” cookie here.  The owners decided to have a little fun with this, and it goes nicely with the theme and feel of the bakery.  Each cookie has its own name with pin-up girl next to it.  I decided to go with a cookie 4 pack stuffed with  Lilly, Audrey, Zoey, and Vivianna.  That’s right.  I spent the afternoon with 4 ladies, and boy were they good!  I couldn’t help but giggle a little inside when ordering “Geez, Lilly looks delicious, I think I would like to give her a try!”  (Okay I could go all day with this, but I’ll stop right there)  🙂

Each box is gift wrapped for you. Mother’s Day gift idea anyone?

After ordering my four cookies, they were carefully placed in the above gift wrapped box.  My first thought after ordering might be your first thought as well.  A box of four cookies will run you $8.50 which at the time seemed a little high for me.  Later I would realize that with how good these “cookies” are, they really are on par with other fine bakeries around downtown SLC.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I almost wouldn’t even classify them as cookies, but as little works of art.  So trust me on this, the price you spend on a four pack will be well worth it.  Also inside my box was a little business card that I could turn in at a later time for a free cookie.  (as if I needed extra incentive to come back)  So without further ado, here are the four cookies I tried with descriptions taken from the Ruby Snap menu:

Lilly – A lemon sugar cookie with lemonheads and lemon glaze.  I tried this one first, and it may just be my favorite of the bunch.  Putting lemonhead candies in the cookie was just brilliant.  It wasn’t overly packed with candy to make the cookie too tart, it was just right.  I loved the way the candy melted into the cookie.  The best way I could describe this one was a lemon bar made love to a sugar cookie, and this is their love child.

Zoey – Blueberry lemon poppy with a fresh squeezed lemon glaze.  Wow!  Again I almost regret eating this because I really am quite a fan of a good poppy-seed muffin.  Not sure how I’m going to be able to stomach eating another muffin after spending a day nibbling on Zoey! (couldn’t resist, this post is quickly turning PG-13 rated)  The consistency of this treat was somewhere between a muffin and a cookie.  It was at this point I started to thinking “Wow how did these people come up with these great ideas and flavor combinations”  I decided there could be no break in between ladies, no going back, I had to have all four of them then and there.

Audrey – Almond dough packed full of almonds, cranberries and white chocolate.  Okay Audrey made me forget all about Zoey and Lilly.  This lady was special.  I’ve never been a big fan of cranberries, but the way they tasted alongside pockets of white chocolate and almonds, this beauty was awesome!  It was at this point that I decided to stop driving and pull into the nearest gas station.  I had some Diet Mountain Dew in my mug, and decided I had to have some milk while sampling these goddesses.  When you get a chance to have a snack with high class ladies like these ones, you don’t give them soda to drink, you give them a milk bath.

Vivianna – Mangoes and dark chocolate in a citrus dough.  I know right?  A mango?  My wife is always telling me I need to eat more fruit.  I’d be happy to oblige with a Vivianna or two in the morning.  AWESOME cookie.  The gal at the counter actually said this one was one of their most popular, and if there is an important lesson that I have learned when it comes to ordering from a bakery, it is that when a gal at the counter says an item is their most popular, doesn’t matter what flavor it is, you have to try it!

So those were the four cookies I tried.  So many dough and flavor and mix-ins, each one brilliantly crafted.  In keeping with the theme of the bakery I would have to say this was the cat’s meow or the bees knees.  I loved Ruby Snap.  And I didn’t even get to try Trudy, Judy, Ricki, Margo, Frida, Nina, Betty, Virginia, Penelope, Maris, or Suzie!!!!  Looks like I’ll have to start planning my next day off for an afternoon hook-up. (okay I promise that was the last one)  Give Ruby Snap a try.  You know you want her cookies!!!


Feedback appreciated!

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