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May 17, 2012 / foodradar

Lucky 13

I’m a huge fan of the “Man vs. Food” T.V show on the Travel Channel.  In fact Adam just celebrated a birthday a few days ago.  In celebration of the event, I decided it was time to channel my inner Adam, and search out a challenge in the SLC area.  I had driven by Lucky 13 several times in South Salt Lake just west of Spring Mobile Ballpark and just East of the Trax station.  They had a banner in front boasting of the best “Man vs. Food” platter.  After seeing some good reviews online and from some fellow bloggers, I decided to hit it up and try their famous Breath Enhancer burger with the beer battered onion rings.

The Breath Enhancer and beer battered onion rings

Before I go into my dish, I will tell you that I opted not to go with the Man vs. Food special.  Lucky 13 has two monster burgers, The Big Benny which is a foot tall burger with bacon, ham, cheese, sautéed onions, Lucky 13 sauce, and count it 28 ounces of ground chuck.  Or you can go with the Lucky 13 which is 14 ounces of ground chuck topped with Belizean Habanero Puree and Roasted Habaneros, then stuffed with two grilled cheese sandwiches, which are then loaded with even more sautee onions , jalapenos, and Habaneros.  The challenge is this:  If you can finish both the Big Benny and The Lucky 13 in one sitting, then the meal is on them AND they pay you 100 bucks.  Each burger is $17 bucks so for basically for $34 you get a small chance at $100 bucks.  Whatever profit you pocket would most assured be spent on some industrial strength Pepto Bismo.  I didn’t order one of these but after seeing a waitress take one of them out to a table, I really want to come back and give it a whirl.  She had to use both hands to lift the plate, and that was just one of the two beasts.  So if anyone knows someone who likes a challenge, and is in the mood to be entertained, bring them here.  🙂

The burger I would like to tell you about was the Breath Enhancer.  We are talking about a HUGE burger topped with garlic, rosemary, and cheddar.  I’d like to say that I rate this burger very high.  The burger itself was so big and tasty, I could have taken 5-6 bites around the bun itself before I even got to the inner burger.  One thing I can say about Lucky 13 is they don’t skimp you out on meat.  They come large or they don’t come at all.  The beer battered onion rings were an absolute marvel.  Look at how dark and golden they are!  I hate it when onion rings are either too slimy or too greasy.  These rings were just right.  I could take a bite, and not have slimy onions run down my chin.  Plus, you know you are in Utah, because Lucky 13 doesn’t waste your time making you ask for fry sauce.  My plate came with a big cup of fry sauce which was just perfect for the burger.  Not many points I can think of in terms of deduction for this plate.  I was absolutely stuffed afterwards, but not too stuffed that I couldn’t down some cookies.  Only thing I wish I would have asked for was some malt vinegar, because that stuff is awesome on any burger.

Lucky 13 is a pretty cool place to visit if you want some good burger and fries or onion rings.  I thought the $10 dollar lunch price tag was a good value considering how much meat and taste I got my grubby little fingers on.  Plus if you are going to the Bees game with the fellas or chicas, what better place for a pre-game snack then Lucky 13?  Parking was a little small, but there is always the big Trax lot just across the street so it wasn’t really a problem to park.  Another plus I give to Lucky 13 is the fact I felt I got great service even though I wasn’t there for the bar. (*cough Cotton Bottom *cough)  There are lots of outdoor seating as well as plenty of tables on the inside besides the bar.  I even got to watch some hockey while I eat my burger, so I felt pretty manly.  Yeah its a pretty safe bet that I’ll be back to Lucky 13.  I just might even try the challenge next time.


Feedback appreciated!

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