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June 9, 2012 / foodradar

Johnny Rockets

Who has more flair? Jennifer Aniston from Office Space or the crew from Johnny Rockets?

Sorry Jennifer, you know I love you, but you didn’t burst into song and dance to some awesome 80’s tunes like Kool and Gang’s “Celebration” every half hour did you?  I’ll have to go with Johnny Rockets on this one.  Johnny Rockets makes its return to Utah at the developing Station Park in Farmington, Utah.  The classic burger joint is attached to a Cinemark movie theatre, which makes it a fine place you can take the family for a dinner and movie.  Some people may remember the restaurant that was located at Trolley Square back in the 90’s.  Now 20 years later, the owners of Johnny Rockets also plan to build 2 additional restaurants at Alpine and City Creek.

A yummy cherry Sprite

Johnny Rockets offers a menu full of burgers, shakes, sandwiches, fries, and salads with decoration that reminds me of the first Back to the Future movie, when Marty McFly goes back to 1960’s Hilldale.  This is where I feel that Johnny Rockets truly excels.  Sure you can find a better burger in SLC, but you probably won’t find a place where the waitresses, cooks, and manager himself can put a smile on your face like this place.  I have to admit when the team at Johnny Rockets started rocking out to the jukebox, I started to roll my eyes, but you know what?  By the end what I found was I was having a good time and cracking a smile and some jokes with the staff.  So much for my inner “Bah Humbug” !!!

Mini Jukeboxes at each table. Songs only cost a shiny nickle.

A wide assortment of burgers from the spicy Houston, the the tangy BBQ of the Smokehouse

Best comparisons to this place in my mind would be somewhere between a Red Robin, and Ruby’s Diner that is located at different spots in the west.  A key part to the eating experience is the taste and quality of the food.  But who wants to eat at someplace without personality and ambience?  Rockets can deliver on both taste, value, and experience.  Give them a try and check out their partnership with the theatres and how you can even save money on your movie and dinner experience.  Johnny Rockets is located west of I-15 across from Lagoon at Station Park in Farmington.

Johnny Rockets at Station Park Farmington, Utah



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