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June 11, 2012 / foodradar

Teri-Yaki Grill

Home of some amazing Teriyaki chicken and steak

This review of Teri-Yaki Grill is perhaps one the most long-overdue reviews in the history of this blog.  This should of been one of my first ever reviews.  Teri-Yaki Grill and I have quite a history together.  When I first moved to Utah as a permanent resident in 2000, I worked as a customer service agent at GE Capital over in Taylorsville.  Over the next 5 years I quickly made myself familiar with every yummy place to eat within a 5 mile radius, but of all the places I grew to love, this place ranks easily #1 during that time period.  For those of you that work in an office, you know that time around 9 or 10 A.M when you start to think about what you want to do for lunch?  (For me that process starts right when I walk through the door)  Maybe you will casually say to those around your cubicle “What’s for lunch today?”  There is always that one place that if you call it out, you make a few heads turn and pop up from several cubicles over.  This is that place.  I would always get the “What time you going?” , “Can you bring me something?” , or “I want to go too” each time I planned a Teri-Yaki grill trip.

The Teri-Yaki grill menu is a simple one, especially if you are familiar with places like Rumbi Island Grill.  You basically order a plate consisting of rice or noodles, side veggies, and then a protein which can be either beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp.  I’m going to make this easy for you, very easy.  I’m going to tell you exactly what to order your first time there.  I call it the Romrell special.

Here are the elements of how to order Romrell style:

1. I highly recommend substituting your rice for Udon noodles.  Udon noodles are a thick wheat noodle of Japanese cuisine, and Teri-Yaki grill makes them awesome.  Don’t worry about the rice, I will get to that.

2. Instead of doing Teri-yaki Chicken, Steak, or Pork, you want to go with the Spicy Chicken, Steak, or Pork.  Now for those of you that shy away from spicy food, don’t be scared by this.  You can order your meat in degrees of spicy.  I always will do spicy – mild for my chicken which I feel gives the perfect amount of kick.  In addition to mild, you can go Medium, Hot, or Death Crier.  I have a good friend Matt that would often go with me to Teri-Yaki and would always get the Death Crier chicken.  Sometimes he handled the Death Crier just fine, but in his own words other times the chicken was “more deathy than normal”  So get the death crier at your own peril.

3. By this time you are fully aware I’m not a huge veggie guy.  I didn’t really like them as a kid and I’m not going to change that now as an adult.  I like to substitute my veggies for rice.  I will explain why later.

4.  Whatever you order, I highly recommend getting extra meat.  It is only $1.50 extra, and they really give you extra, extra meat.  What is there not to like about extra meat?  Nothing comes to mind.

5. HOW TO EAT YOUR TERI-YAKI GRILL “ROMRELL” STYLE.  Okay so you have your plate.  The meat will be everywhere on top of your Udon noodles.  I will sometimes get a combo meat plate with extra meat, so you can have chicken and steak, or chicken and pork if you would like.  I take the top-secret Teri-Yaki sauce and just pour it all over my meat and noodles, and then just go to town.   I know some people like chop sticks, but I try not and get fancy with them, I just use a good old fashioned fork.   I save my rice for last.  Once I’m done eating my noodles and meat, I move my rice over into what is left of my teriyaki sauce which has formed a pool on the bottom of my dish.  Teri-Yaki has delicious sticky rice, and it absorbs the extra gravy just perfectly.  There!  That is how you should order from Teri-Yaki grill your first time!

Hopefully I’ve done this place justice.  I know there are a lot of Rumbi Island Grill fans out there, and no offense to that place, but Teri-Yaki Grill was here first, and in my humble opinion better.  If you like teriyaki grilled meats on top of delicious Udon noodles or rice, your search is over.


Feedback appreciated!

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