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June 16, 2012 / foodradar

Blue Iguana

Okay here we go with Utah’s iguanas.  I’m doing Blue first because I happen to eat there recently, and had pictures ready to go.  My first impressions of the Blue Iguana is I really like the location of the restaurant as well as the decor inside.  The Blue Iguana is located just west of the Capitol Theatre on Broadway, and just underneath Benihana’s.  In fact, you have to go down a flight of stairs into the restaurant itself.  Inside you will find just the right combination of lights and color, and walls full of Mexican artifacts and paintings.  I don’t know what it is about eating downstairs, but I like it.  It may be because it reminds me of my childhood eating downstairs in front of the T.V. or even up by the U of U eating at the Pie which is also located in a basement.  I guess I’m a little weird, but I like basement food.  Another thing I liked about the restaurant and this may sound silly, is I liked how it was somewhat of a labyrinth to get to the little boys room.  (now hear me out on this)  You have to go up some stairs, then down again, and around a few corners and behind a glass wall.  It gave me an urge to play hide and go seek, and it also gave me a chance to check out the restaurant itself.  Yes I guess you can say Blue Iguana did a good job with the location on this one.  I really enjoyed my time eating there.

This is how a burrito should be put together

Now for the food.  On this occasion I got the carne asada burrito.  I appreciate how Blue Iguana put this plate together.  I’ll start by telling you what they don’t do.  You won’t find some dude in the back of the kitchen with a caulking gun full of sour cream and guacamole filling up a lame tortilla like they do at Taco Bell.  Also you won’t take a bite of the burrito and bite into only refried beans or rice, only to find the actual meat 3-4 bites into the burrito.  At Blue Iguana, the only thing I found inside the burrito were tender slices of carne asada.  I was in charge of the burrito garnishments and not Blue Iguana.  Let me explain.  If you get a burrito that comes stuffed with everything, then you are pretty much at the mercy of the person that put the burrito together.  At this place, I could cut out a bite of warm tortilla and steak, and then add guacamole, sour cream, or whatever else I wanted to the bite.  This ensured that every bite was going to be a winner-winner chicken dinner.  I also found the taste of everything on my plate to be fresh and tasty.  Nothing tasted like it was in one of those rectangular canisters sitting in the back under a heat lamp.  The only thing about the plate that I would upgrade, and this is only a minor deduction is that the rice could be a little tastier.  Blue Iguana uses a Spanish rice, and while it tasted okay, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for with my burrito.

Rocky Balboa likes his smothered Colorado burritos

My friend Rocky Balboa ordered the smothered burritos in Colorado sauce.  He was ranting and raving about his plate the entire trip back to the office.  I have to admit that it did look really tasty, so I dipped a tortilla chip in it, and sure enough, the sauce was awesome.  We were both eating there because I found Blue Iguana on Groupon and wanted to take advantage of the buy one get one free entrée special.  If you happen to miss Groupon, I am always finding buy one get one free specials in the Hometown Values coupon book that everyone gets in your mailbox.  I appreciate that Blue Iguana is always active in Groupon, Hometown Values, or KSL offering good deals to the community.

There you have it.  My Blue Iguana review.  Next up I’ll be reviewing Red Iguana.  Blue Iguana may not have the national recognition that Red Iguana has, but that is not to say the food is bad, by any stretch of the imagination.  I enjoyed my food, and the chips and salsa really grew on me.  (Our waiter let us go through 4 basket-fulls)  Blue Iguana is a solid pick for anyone catching a show at Capitol Theatre, and want to avoid paying an arm and leg at Benihana.  Also if you are staying at the Hotel Monaco, and Bambara is too busy or expensive, you can come on over here for some tasty Mexican food.



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