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June 27, 2012 / foodradar

Johnny Kolache

Kolache Fruit

I first heard of Johnny Kolache on sports radio during my morning commute to work, then I saw a special on kolache on the Food Network and knew I had to try them.  What is a kolache?  Basically it is a pastry made by Czech immigrants that settled in Texas and Oklahoma.  It is a soft dough pastry with an indent down the middle where they typically put some sort of fruit and cream cheese filling.  The best way I can describe them is a fruit filled donut.  When (notice I didn’t use the word If) you visit Johnny Kolache for the first time, just tell them you are a first time visitor and they will give you the first kolache on the house.  Let me tell you about their awesome menu.

Johnny Kolache’s doesn’t just sell the fruities as they call them, they also have an expansive breakfast and lunch menu filled with baked goodness using the same traditional kolache dough.  For lunch you can get a kolache filled with either Philly cheesesteak, cheeseburger, pulled pork, or cheeseburger and jalapeno.  These guys come hot and filled with delicious food in the center.    Don’t let the size deceive you, when I first visited Kolache’s I order 4 of them because they looked so good, but ended up feeling stuffed after just 2 lunch kolaches and a fruitie.

Another top recommendation would be the belly buster.  If breakfast sandwiches were rock stars, this would be the Elvis Presley of delights.  Why do they call it the belly buster?  Because quite simply that is what you feel is going to happen to your stomach upon finishing this beast, that is assuming you can finish it.  The belly buster starts out with a kolache dough bun, and then is filled with 2 or 3 types of cheeses, tons of eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns.  Basically they just go back in the kitchen and collect all the breakfast items, and pack it in this sandwich and serve it to  you.  These sandwiches are easily among the best breakfast sandwich that SLC has to offer.  I have split it in half with my wife before and neither of us were able to finish our respective halves.

The Belly Buster

Cinnamon Rolls?  Check!  On one visit the gentleman behind the counter caught my eye staring longingly at a cinnamon roll, and he took one out and split it in half for my buddy and I.  Wow, these things were awesome.  I noticed on Johnny Kolache’s website they claim to have “World Famous” cinnamon rolls.  I personally think that is a phrase that doesn’t carry much weight and is thrown around a lot by anyone that has a food place.  Heck if I open a place one day, I’ll have a world-famous something, however, these cinnamon rolls are pretty special.  I guess Johnny Kolache has my permission to use “World-Famous”  🙂

Now for the latest additions.  I have not tried them yet because they were just added, but they now have something called “Kolandwiches”  (See what they did there?)  One of the biggest parts of a sandwich is the qualify of bread that is used.  Johnny Kolache uses their kolache dough, so count me in on this one.

Johnny Kolache is well worth the trip.  The prices are affordable, and the service is quick and friendly.  This place is everything I love about a local business.  You have people that are passionate about delivering a quality product, and they take the time to get to know you, and have your complete satisfaction in mind.  Put this one on the radar for a visit, next time you are close to downtown for a delicious quite bite from the old country.

The Menu



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