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July 2, 2012 / foodradar

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta

 For those Sugar House old-timers, you may remember just across the street from where Boadwalk Pizza now stands, there used to be a Godfather’s Pizza.  I used to love that place, because you got  your money’s worth, there was always 4-5 different pizzas to choose from, and plenty to drink.  In my mind I kinda model all other pizza buffets after the one I knew at Godfathers.  When I saw Boardwalk Pizza open up across the street, I knew I had to try it.

When we visited Boardwalk pizza, we were the very first ones at the store.  The sign on the door said they should have been opened 5 minutes before we actually got there.  We knocked on the door and were let in by the staff.  I will have to admit, for seekers of the lunch “All  you can eat” special, this was kinda of a warning sign for me.  We walked in and the restaurant itself was very spacious and very clean.  We were immediately shown our table, but I didn’t smell any piping hot pizza’s waiting.  We immediately told our waiter we would be doing the buffet, and he showed us a menu and asked us what pizza’s we would like to see be made.  This started to cheer me up, because there is nothing worse than a pizza buffet that doesn’t have the flavors you are looking for.  We chose a few different pizzas and decided also to start out with a salad that came with the lunch special.  Even though I was starving at the time, and pretty much anything would have been delicious, the salads we had were fresh, big, and very tasty.  Full points to Boardwalk on the quality of the salads.  They didn’t have a salad bar to choose your own toppings, but I’m kinda lazy when it comes to those anyways, and I always put too much junk on my salad, so the fact the restaurant made my salad and brought it to me was a good sign.

The Boardwalk Pizza

The first pizza we sampled was The Boardwalk, or the house special.  I enjoy all different types of pizzas and I’ve had many that have had marinara, BBQ, pesto, alfredo bases for the sauce, you name it.  However of all the pizzas I have sampled, I’ve never had one that had a pesto base AND BBQ sauce all on the same pizza.  Know what?  I really liked this pizza.  I was afraid the flavors would not go together and the pizza would taste like I just dumped a bite of 6-7 different meals into my mouth at once, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it tasted.  The Boardwalk has pesto, spinach, grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, red onion, roasted tomato AND bacon.  Yeah they pretty much just took some of my all time favorite pizza toppings and combined it into one.  I highly recommend this pizza.

We also had chicken alfredo pizza and it also was very tasty.  My overall food rating for this place was very high.  I really liked the atmosphere, and the food and service were exceptional.  I had read some other reviews that said the service was not that great, but I disagree.  I never found my self wanting a refill on my drink, and the staff was very friendly.

Now for what I would improve upon for Boardwalk.  And this suggestion is much easier said than done for a restaurant.  For any food establishment, your two biggest costs and what can make or break you are your food cost and your labor cost.  If you are going to advertise an “All you can eat buffet”, it is nice to have pizzas out and ready to go at all times.  There were two different times during our lunch hour – at the beginning, and then again in the middle, where we had to wait 5-10 minutes for pizzas to cook.  I think back to Godfather’s Pizza and their buffet, or really any food buffet, it kinda defeats the purpose of an “All you can eat” if you have to wait for your food.  Now I can’t be too hard on Boardwalk, because while we arrived right when they opened, in the entire hour we were there, we were the only patrons.  If I’m a business owner, I probably will hesitate to put out 3-4 pizzas that won’t get eaten, because no one is there, or will become cold by the time more people show up.  It really is a balancing act.  I guess what I want to say here, is the pizza really is quite good, but I would maybe recommend for your first time going on a Saturday not right when they open the doors, or perhaps during dinner time or during a big game.  Boardwalk has the look and feel of a sports bar, so a night watching the Jazz or Real Salt Lake while enjoying a hot pizza would be fun.

MAN VS. FOOD ALERT –  These guys have something called The Long Board calzone.  It is basically over 16 inches long and weighs over five pounds, so if you can eat it by yourself in less than 30 minutes, you can rename it.  I didn’t get to see it, but if you go there with a few friends, it might be worth a shot.

Boardwalk has a nice setup for a Sports Bar with TV’s, billiards, and arcade.



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