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July 11, 2012 / foodradar

Melty Way

Melty Way

Every once a while you will see a name of a restaurant, that based on the name alone, you feel you have no choice but go inside.  For example if you saw a sign that said “Free Food”, or “World’s Best Donughts”, or “Punch a Kardashian in the face” you would obviously stop what you were doing and go inside right away.  This is exactly what was going through my mind when I saw the sign “Melty Way – Grilled Cheese”  I immediately thought back to when I was a wee little bear living in Alaska.  My mom would make us grilled cheese sandwiches to go along with our Campbell’s tomato soup.  There are few things in life quite like dunking piping hot cheese into warm soup.  The 100 degree temperature this week in Salt Lake didn’t deter my resolve to get me some melted cheese with soup.  I decided to give it a try.

Reuben with some basil tomato soup

The menu was pretty straight forward.  You can order a sandwich alone or a sandwich to go with some soup.  Melty Way always has tomato basil, and then will offer a soup of the day.  Sandwiches range from the classic aged cheddar grilled cheese sandwich to an artichoke & tomato, turkey club, and even a reuben sandwich.  I asked the gal behind the counter to recommend a good sandwich to me as it was my first time.  She told me that the reuben was the most popular and that the chefs rave about it.  I’m going to stop here and say something.  I’ve never been to a place in Salt Lake City that served Reubens, who didn’t claim that their reuben was the best.  I personally haven’t had a reuben for over 20 years, but I was so tired of being told “our reuben is the best” yah-dee-dah that I decided to break my 20 year hiatus and order me a reuben!  So thus it happened.  They brought me the Gruyère, swiss, corned beef, sauerkraut, and melty sauce on rye sandwich and I was off the races.

I’m going to compare my meal to Cafe Zupas because you can get soup and sandwich combos there as well.  Cafe Zupas has much better soup, but Melty Way wins hands down on the sandwiches.  I enjoyed my reuben, and have now officially added it to my repertoire for future sandwich/deli stops.  The bread it came on was thick cut, Texas toast style.  I thought this was a nice touch, because it allowed the sandwich to maintain its form and stuffing without getting too thin and soggy.  The kraut was fresh and tasty, not stinky like it had been sitting in a Maverick gas station for 8 hours.  The melty sauce was also very good.  Good sandwich.  I dipped it in my soup like a good boy, finished my soup and sandwich and went on my way.  The soup wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t fantastic either.  It served its purpose by acting as a dipping tank for my sandwich.  I wonder what soup of the day flavors they have?  hmmmm!

Other menu items that struck my eye were the four different types of ice cream sandwiches; chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and a coconut which was an oatmeal raisin cookie with coconut almond ice cream.  Melty Way also has “Coke from Mexico” which made me chuckle, as they claimed it was bottled with real sugar.  I remember down in San Antonio having a Dr. Pepper float made with real cane sugar and it was delicious.  Finally, they offer a root beer float made with locally crafted root beer.

With 4th of July holiday in the rear view mirror, this place did remind me of a little bit of Americana.  You have your grilled cheese sandwiches, you have your ice cream sandwiches, you have your soups, and you have your root beer floats.  The menu wasn’t crawling with items to confuse the mind, it was straight up and to the point, which I like.  I don’t like feeling like I’m reading a novel when I order.  I think I’ll try the turkey club next time, and perhaps sample some of their different homemade jelly they provide for the sandwiches.  I can’t believe I missed that.  I give this place 3 stars out of 4.  A pretty decent offering for those seeking to relive some childhood memories in mamma’s kitchen, or are in the mood for a homemade ice cream sandwich.



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  1. Christine / Jul 11 2012 12:41 pm

    Grilled cheese and Campbell’s tomato soup was the best growing up–I still enjoy it. I’ve noticed this place on my drive home but wasn’t sure what it was, so thanks for the review!

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