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July 17, 2012 / foodradar

Park Cafe

The Park Cafe – Just south of Liberty Park

I’ve been driving by this place for years and have never stopped by before.  That is almost 15 years now of missing out on one of the tastiest breakfast gems in the Salt Lake Valley.  I, like many of you heard the chatter and ramblings about this place.  “Hey I heard that place by Liberty Park has good food”  or “Hey that place south of the park has good breakfast”.  I was at the office thinking of where to go to eat and pulled up their website.  The prices were unbelievably affordable.  If the food was anything like the rumors I’ve heard, then this place was going to be a huge hit in my book.  Well I went to the Park Cafe and now I can safely say, that this is one of the best breakfast spots, not just in Utah, but anywhere I’ve ever lived.  The portions were amazingly big, the prices were awesome, the food was amazing!

OSU vs. The Michigan Hash

The Park Cafe menu is filled with different omelette choices, along with other breakfast favorites.  They have these potatoes that they appropriately call park potatoes.  Park potatoes are basically the love child of hash browns and cubed potatoes.  They fry them up and add some flavor and there you have them.  I was pretty close to going with one of the omelette choices, but then the Michigan Hash caught my eye.  I asked the waiter if it was okay to order the Michigan Hash even though I was raised in Ohio as a Buckeye.  He told me he could rename it the Ohio Hash if I  wanted so I went with it.

The hash was one mean plate.  I was super hungry to begin with, and so I had the fork going up to the mouth  and back to the plate at a pretty fast pace.  After 10 minutes of devouring this delicious plate, I noticed I was still only half done.  The Michigan hash was filled with park potatoes, peppers, onion, mushrooms and sausage, and then topped with cheddar cheese and 2 eggs.  It is the type of plate you have to hold with 2 hands, the kinda plate where the cook just dumped what he had on the back grill and called it a hash.  You know what?  It was spectacular.  I remember being down to my last few bites, and the bus boy came by to see if I was done, and I even though I was so full, I had to tell him to leave his paws off.  No bite was going to go unwanted.

The breakfast menu also features a breakfast sandwich, french toast, and an assortment of pancakes.  I’m trying not to be overly excited here, but the quality and prices of this place makes you feel like you are committing highway robbery, but breaking the law never tasted so good.  I think I’ll go back for some more tomorrow.

The super bacon cheeseburger

And now folks let me draw your attention to exhibit 2 pictured above.  Here we have 1/2 pound of ground sirloin along with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion.  (yes those are park potatoes hiding in the background).  What do we start the bidding at?  $10 bucks you say?  No!  Let’s go lower.  $9  – No.  $8 – No.  $7  No.  (This is where I start to sound like a T.V infomercial)  For the next thousand guests only, the Park Cafe will give you this platter for only $6.50.  But wait that is not all!  Act now and the shipping and delivery fee is waived.  That’s right folks, we will even throw in a plate to eat it on!  Did I mention that this was 1/2 pound of SIRLOIN?  Do you see the size of this cheeseburger?  While I was eating my Michigan hash today I was sitting next to this old guy at the bar and he had a bacon cheeseburger in front of him.  The dude had to take a knife and fork and quarter the thing, just to handle it.  Why the good Lord only gave me 1 stomach, I can’t say, but I was really jealous of his plate.  Did I mention that this was only $6.50?  And that was the most expensive burger on the menu?  You could get the normal Super Cheeseburger which is the same size for only $5.50.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten this excited about a food establishment.  Right when I got back to the office I went around and showed the picture of the Michigan Hash to all my co-workers.  I got a lot of “oh yeah, I heard they had good breakfast”  and also “wow, that is one huge plate!”.  So now you have heard it from me here officially, and I will NOT steer you wrong.  This place is LEGIT and CHILL and TIGHT  (That was for all my teenage co-workers, hopefully I used today’s young person lingo correctly)  The Park Cafe is awesome!



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