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July 26, 2012 / foodradar

Cafe Bella Rue

Located in the Soda Springs area of Daybreak is Cafe Bella Rue.  This cafe has been here for a few years, but just recently changed to local ownership.  They now have Utah’s largest selection of Italian gelato along with an expanded menu of sandwich, pizza, soup, and salad choices.  Cafe Bella Rue is in a really nice area of South Jordan.  Due East of the Cafe this summer they have live music every Friday and Saturday night.  Also in the adjacent park there are water sprinklers turned on where kids can cool off from the summer heat.  We had no problem finding parking here as well.  As you can tell from the shadows in the photo, we got there in the late afternoon and the sun was just starting to set.  It really was a perfect time for a light sandwich along with some yummy gelato.  Cafe Bella Rue certainly did not disappoint.

The dining area of Cafe Bella Rue

This cafe is one of the most unique and well furnished cafe I’ve had the pleasure to eat in.  All sides of the cafe are open with windows allowing in natural light.  In the center there is a nice fireplace with leather sofas and chairs where you can relax with an ice cream or coffee.  I really didn’t feel like I was in a dining room at all, but rather in an RC Willey’s furniture store.  All of the tables were of different sizes, shapes, and colors.  It really made for a fun, unique atmosphere to enjoy a light meal.

Tuscan Turkey Sandwich

I took the Maserati out for a spin

Yes I chose the right photo, I didn’t take out the Italian sports car, but a yummy Italian Panini sandwich.  Unique and fresh seems to be the mantra for this place, the Maserati is made on an artisan flat bread with roast beef, cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, red onion, and get this ….  Lettuce & Pepper N’ Paradise Jelly.  Sounds yummy right?  Roast Beef, jelly, flat bread.  Everything came together with the perfect taste.  I loved my sandwich.

One happy little girl with her pepperoni kids meal

We had our three kids in tow today and noticed a pretty unique kids menu as well.  They got 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, and is that a Capri Sun I see?  What kid doesn’t love Capri Sun?  To cap it off, each kids meal comes with a scoop of gelato.  I’d say it was a pretty complete kids meal.  Besides pizza you can also choose from a quesadilla, noodles alfredo, chicken strips, corn dogs, and even a grilled cheese sandwich.

Let the fun begin

Italian Sodas

Thin Crust Pizza

Now let the fun begin.  Cafe Bella Rue claims to have one of Utah’s largest selection of gelato.  Judging by the number of whipped dairy treats I saw in the display case, I would say they are about right.  Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, but generally has a lower buttermilk fat content than traditional ice cream (Wikipedia never lies!).  Also gelato is not made with water and is creamier than ice cream.  The folks at Cafe Bella Rue are proud of their product and don’t mind giving out samples until you pick the perfect gelato.  In fact the store manager suggested I try all of them, and I actually think he was serious.  🙂  I settled on the Butter Pecan gelato and it was delicious.  In addition to gelato, they also had a dozen or so sorbets, and I’m not talking your typical 2 or 3 flavors you find at your grocery store.  I approached the counter with my young daughter who was focused on getting a raspberry sorbet.  The store manager had her sample the lemoncello flavor, and my daughter changed her mind and went with that one.  They have sorbet flavors like Blood Orange, Citrus Tropicale, Blueberry Pomegranate, Mediterranean Citrus, and more.

Overall I was very impressed with Cafe Bella Rue.  My kids had a great time with their pizza and ice cream, and then we let them run through the water park outside, so they were pretty much in heaven.  The food was awesome, and the atmosphere was different and refreshing.  I felt like I was in a diner located in a different country.  Fun a fun summer outing with the family, try this place out.  Also keep your eye out on Groupon because I got a $10 for $5 deal.



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