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August 6, 2012 / foodradar

Java Cow Cafe and Bakery

It seems like over the years the different ways in which ice cream has been served has expanded and expanded.  You have your Dippin’ Dots which are basically created by leaking cream through liquid nitrogen, then you have your soft serve ice creams, and you also have your cold stone or marble slab type places that take ice cream and throw in mix ins.  I’ve even seen a few places in Salt Lake that combine both where they take cream and squirt it in a bowl, then they freeze it in front of you.  Sometimes do you know what I want?  I just want to be presented with awesome ice cream choices and to be able to have that ice cream scooped up and placed on a cone, and then handed to me.  Is that too much to ask?  Not if you are asking  Java Cow Cafe and Bakery up on Park City’s Main St. district.

Pre built works of art

Look at some of these choices.  You have the Purple Cow which is made from Blackberry Ice Cream with dark and white chocolate pieces mixed in.  You also have the Turtle Cow with chocolate ice cream, mini caramel turtles, pecans and caramel sauce.  No waiting for someone to chisel in flavors, no hours of frustration in having to choose from hundreds of combination choices.  Java Cow has everything ready to go.  The ice cream is smooth, cold, and delicious.  They even have dipped waffle cones for you.  We were in and out in a matter of minutes with great tasting ice cream.

A double dipped waffle cone

Java Cow really is a happy place to go on a hot summer day.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a room just like it in Willy Wonka’s factory.  The service was great.  The prices were affordable, and the ice cream comes quick and plentiful.  The menu doesn’t require a Rosetta Stone to translate.  I’ll make this a frequent stop on future Park City trips.

The Menu



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