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August 9, 2012 / foodradar


This week is St. George week in foodradar.  I’m counting down the favorite places where I had lunch and dinner during my stay in Southern Utah.  I was in the area working for my company and was excited to find some local gems worth visiting for those traveling through.  I’ll be doing 4 reviews of those places I feel have made the cut, so without further ado, here goes #4 on my list.  It is a place I found while looking through Yelp and Urbanspoon, and filtering by most reviewed places.  I try not and use the “highest rated” filter while looking at Yelp, because that number can be deceiving.  When you sort by “most rated” that is a better indicator at how many people actually go there and care enough to leave a rating.  From what I read in Yelp, this place was known for their sandwiches.  Turns out they did not disappoint.

The one sandwich which immediately caught my eye on the menu, and I knew I had to try was the Milanesa Sandwich.  South American’s may recognize the name of this one.  Milanesa is a traditional Argentine dish where you take thinly sliced steak and bread and fry it.   Based on that description alone, your choice should be easy.  Anytime you take a meat, and you fry it, you pretty much have yourself a winner winner chicken dinner.  The result was really tasty.  They use a good size baguette roll and load it with fresh tomato, lettuce, and milanesa steak.  See what I mean below.

The milanesa sandwich

Let me point out a key feature of this dish.  Notice the side potato salad that it came with.  I love it when places put some effort and uniqueness into their side dishes, and not just offer up something you can buy from a Wal-Mart display.  This potato salad was really good.  Thick cut pieces of red potato, cilantro, carrot.  It was yummy.

The French Dip Sandwich

You ever go to a place for the first time, and while you really enjoy your plate, you can’t help but eye the plate from someone else at the table?  Well my colleague got this little beauty of a plate above.  We talked about how Meat + Fried = Win.  Well Meat + Au Jus = Win as well.

I really enjoyed Capelettis.  It is a nicely decorated diner on Tabernacle street in St. George.  The restaurant is set up so that if you want it to be a nice dinner out with someone, you can pull that off, or if you want to just go in for a casual lunch, it works for that as well.  Prices aren’t too bad for what you get at around $10 a plate.  This place is worth a shot.



Feedback appreciated!

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