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August 24, 2012 / foodradar

Mo’s Place

I probably never would have tried or even known about this place if it were not for Groupon.  But after buying the $10 for $20 deal, I had to try it.  This place is a breakfast and BBQ diner, the first time in my life I’ve ever heard of that combo.

Chile Verde burrito

Chile Verde burrito

My co-worker had the Chile Verde special.  He said it was okay but nothing fantastic.  This plate was around 9 bucks, which was decent for the amount of food you get.  It wasn’t cheap or expensive, just about right.  Sure does look good though.

Breakfast Combo

I went with the breakfast combo, that came with salsa as well as BBQ sauce.  I went with this one because if this place was really known for breakfast as well as BBQ, I wanted to try a little of both.  I actually liked this combo.  For the pluses, the eggs were tasty, and the hash browns were done crispy, which was good because I hate soggy hash browns.  The pancakes and syrup were very good.  For the negatives, I did notice they put under my eggs but on top of the meat they used a slice of processed cheese and not real cheddar cheese.  Processed American cheese slices are for lunch pails, not restaurants.

You might be wondering at this point, if this place was good but not great, then why is it on FoodRadar?  I’ll tell you why.  Because the service was some of the best service I’ve ever had.  It was highlighted by the manager coming over to our table and performing a magic trick for us.  He took a sugar packet and made me stick out my hand and put it under his cupped hand.  He then make my co-worker open the sugar packet and pour it into his cupped (fisted) hand.  He then counted to three, and I swear to you the sugar disappeared when he opened his hand again.  We spent the rest of the lunch trying to figure out how he did it.  I know it’s kinda hard to describe the magic trick through words, so if you happen to make it over to Mo’s then maybe you can ask to see the sugar packet magic trick.

So we finished our lunch and we were laughing and both in good moods.  Just goes to show that with food places, the overall rating isn’t all about how good the food is.  They even had a make shift shrine in the corner of the dining room with an autographed picture of big Thurl Bailey.  BBQ, Breakfast, and Thurl Bailey?  Yeah these guys are okay in my book!


Feedback appreciated!

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