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September 1, 2012 / foodradar


Home of authentic Mexico City “Al Pastor”

You really don’t have to take my word for this place, just look at the voting.  192 votes on Urbanspoon and a whopping 98% “liked” this place.  That is the highest percentage of any place I’ve ever reviewed.  What makes this place special though?  You know how here in the States you have tons of restaurants that sell Mexican, Chinese, Italian, etc. etc. etc.?  I like all those types of foods, but the question is always in the back of your mind, “I wonder how good the Mexican food is in Mexico?” or “I wonder if the pasta in Venice or Rome is good?”  You don’t have to go to Mexico City to try an authentic Mexican “Al Pastor” taco, you can try it right in Rose Park.

Al Pastor – courtesy

I wasn’t able to grab my own picture of how they do the Al Pastor here today, so I had to borrow one from Google image search.  But they basically take the meat, and put it on a vertical rotisserie machine.  Then they put some pineapple on top and let it cook, with the pineapple juices running down into the meat.  It really is quite genius.  At Chunga’s you can get anyone of their dishes “Al Pastor” style whether it be a taco, burrito, quesadilla, or torta.  Here is a closeup of my Al Pastor taco from today.

Al Pastor Taco

Take a look at those shards of pineapple mixed in with the cilantro and slow roasted pork!  These tacos are done street vendor style with the double layered thin corn tortilla.  I also got a carne asada taco to go along with my Al pastor taco.  It really was a match made in heaven.  But you know that is not all.  Today I went with the torta, which is a Mexican sandwich.  Look at this beauty below!


A torta typically come with a refried bean spread and meat base, then tomato, and lettuce along with other traditional sandwich fixings.  If this is your first time and Chunga’s I would probably recommend the quesadilla or burrito.  The burrito’s can be done enchilada style, smothered in sauce and cheese.  I would say it is pretty tough to go wrong at this place.  All the food is prepared fresh in an open kitchen.  I’ve been going to Chungas for years and have not been disappointed.



Feedback appreciated!

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