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September 14, 2012 / foodradar

Rich’s Bagels

The scary looking guy in the parking lot is Burgelkutt’s older brother

The time was 8:00 A.M and I had just woke up.  Everything that happened from that time until 8:30 was just a blur.  Let’s just say I pulled into a gas station that shall not be named to fill up the old gas tank before heading into work.  My stomach made it clear that it expected food and fast.  I decided on a milk and breakfast burrito from the gas station that shares its name with a Top Gun hero.  I decided to wait until getting to the office to eat my burrito.  The first bite was a major let down, the tortilla had that soggy taste to it like it had been wrapped in aluminum foil too long.  I decided to give it a second chance, perhaps the first one was “No Bueno”.  The second bite, I discovered pieces of pre-cooked egg, and a mystery sausage.  The second bite wasn’t much better than the first, but I still hadn’t tasted any cheese, and my belly was still empty, so I made an executive decision to green-light a third bite.  After the third bite, the only move left was to  slam the remaining cadaver of a burrito into my trash can and cut my losses.

What was I going to do?  I was down $3 dollars, and still hungry.  I was already at the office so I knew at some point people would expect me to work, even though that isn’t saying much.  I needed a sure thing here.  I couldn’t take any more chances of eating something gross, or my entire day would be ruined.  Then the idea came to me.  I thought of the perfect place that wasn’t too far, and I knew with a high degree of certainty that I would find rest from my breakfast labor for a season.  My face lit up with excitement, and two of my co-workers knew I was on to something.  As I grabbed my keys, they both followed.  I was taking them to the breakfast promised land.  We were going to Rich’s Bagels baby!

Usually when I’m doing food reviews I’m pretty good about taking covert pictures of the establishment, so pay no attention to the man standing there in the mirror!

Rich’s Bagels – From what you can see from the chalk board specializes in sandwiches, bagels, cream cheeses, and soups.  All their food is made in-house fresh.  You can even peek around the corner of the dining room into back area, and there is this huge bagel oven that looks like a Zamboni.  I’m going to make what you should order easy, almost as easy as the store manager made it for me.  She could tell I needed a little hand holding when ordering my breakfast bagel, so she told me what to do, and I just went with the flow.  Here is what I got:

The Asiago Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

Always start with the Asiago cheese bagels.  Then you can decide between bacon, ham, and turkey.  I went with bacon.  When the manager gave me my cheese choices, she immediately whispered “Gouda” after she named out loud the cheese choices.  I picked up what she was throwing down and answered “Gouda please!”.  She then asked me if I wanted some hot sauce in the eggs.  “Yes ma’am”  She asked me if I wanted some spinach in the eggs as well.  “Yes ma’am”  “Sir would you like some pepper and tomatoes as well?”  “Yes ma’am”  Something inside me told me she wouldn’t steer me wrong, after all, she’s probably made more of these bagels than I could eat in a lifetime, so why argue with the bagel master?

Holy freaking cow Batman.  These bagel sandwiches are the best  you are going to find anywhere!  The flavors were amazing.  The gouda, the bacon, the delicious fluffy eggs, spinach, tomatoes, and hot sauce.  It really helped put the horror of my gross breakfast bagel behind me.

hmmm what else to say.  (taps fingers on desk while drinking a Diet Mt. Dew.)  ah yes.  I also have this bad boy BAAAMMMM!

That’s a flying saucer or a cookie?

I was working on this cookie the entire day.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love cookies?

Rich’s bagels is up on Highland Drive by a fitness center and across the street from Snyder’s Bros. Meats.  Please don’t purchase gross gas station food like me, also don’t let your friends buy gross gas station breakfast food.  Do like I did, and go to Rich’s Bagels and try their yummy selection of hand crafted bagels and sandwiches.  This yummy will cure the grumbly in your tummy.  (okay that was lame, but I’ll stay with it.)

They have all your flavored cream cheese needs covered.



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