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September 17, 2012 / foodradar

Over The Counter Cafe

Blue Wizard from Gauntlett

What does Over the Counter Cafe have to do with the Blue Wizard from Gauntlett?  Just hear me out on this one.  The only people who will understand this are the children of the 80’s like myself.  When I was 7 years old, I lived on an airforce base in Alaska.  After school I would walk down to my mom’s work where she cut hair.  Next to her salon was a little arcade room.  It had all the classics like Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Star Wars (The one you sit inside the game), but the crown jewel of the arcade room was Gauntlet.  In the game Gauntlet, you could choose to play either the wizard, valkyrie, elf, or warrior.  You basically ran around mazes killing ghosts, demons, and other monsters.  My favorite character to play was the wizard because it had average speed and attack power, but it was really good at using potions to kill enemies with magic.

So you may be asking yourself “What does this video game have to do with this food review?”  Well, one feature of the game Gauntett is that with every quarter  you put in, you basically got 250 health, that slowly ticked down.  When your health hit 0, you were dead.  The only way to stay alive was to avoid monsters, put in more quarters, or seek out food.  Food was awesome in the game, but there was a catch.  You could shoot the food if you were not careful.  And the game was constantly talking to you, which at the time was a cutting technology, so while playing Gauntlett, you would constantly get little quips like “Blue Wizard is about to die” or “Green Elf shot the food!”, or “Red Warrior needs food badly!”  It is with those special arcade voices from my childhood that I dedicate this post.  Sometimes when I’m really hungry, those old Gauntlett voices ring inside my head. “Blue Wizard needs food badly” and “Blue Wizard is about to die!”.  Well hopefully you don’t literally wait until you are knocking on death’s gates to eat some tasty food.  You could just come up here to Over the Counter cafe to get some of the best omelets in town.  (Just be careful not to shoot the food with a magic potion or bow and arrow)

I first noticed Over the Top Cafe up in Millcreek every time I drove past it going up to Cafe Rio to pick up lunch for the office.  My good friend and I would always point over to the place, because for about a year, they had a banner advertisement that said “Best Omelette in Town”.  This would become a running joke with my friend and I.  Every time we would drive by, we would say “Hey there goes the place that serves the best omelette in town!” and we would both laugh, because seriously, how many places out there claim to have the “best” this and the “best” that?  Well it was several months later I actually went inside, and found that the claim probably wasn’t too far off.  This place was actually very good!

The view from my table

There are a couple important things to point out about this diner.   I’ll start with the positive.  The kitchen from this place was located in an island out in the middle of the restaurant.  It really gives this place a true diner/dive feel to it.  I like that element.  We sat down and watched the cook on the right hand side of the picture above prepare our omelette.  The one negative to this place, is the fact they don’t accept credit cards.  That just seems silly to me.  I  understand not wanting to pay interchange on credit card transactions, but how about just raising your prices by $0.15 cents or whatever you have to do to make things more convenient for your customers.  Who carries cash around nowadays anyway?

Omelette, potato,and English Muffin

I liked the food a lot.  The omelets were well cooked and proportioned.  The breakfast potatoes they came with were grilled up, and tasted really good with ketchup.  I liked how they gave me the option for an English Muffin and not just toast.  They didn’t skimp out on the cheese either.  Yummy and delicious!

If I really was a blue wizard, and needed some food badly to continue vanquishing ghost and ghouls, this breakfast would be worth easily 500 hit points.  It was priced just right, the plate was big enough to fill my belly, and the atmosphere was unique and different.  Only improvement needed here would be to accept plastic, as that is the only thing stopping me from becoming a regular.



Feedback appreciated!

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