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September 20, 2012 / foodradar

Santa Pasta

Santa Pasta or “Holy” Pasta in Spanish caught my eye just across the street from WalMart and just south of Granatos on 300 W and 1400 S.  This is their second location in the downtown Salt Lake area.  You may have already recognized them from having a store just behind the Cafe Rio on 400 South.  Santa Pasta seems to have carved out a niche of great tasting, on the fly Italian dining  somewhere between Fazolli’s on the low-end, and an Olive Garden on the high-end.  I walked up, ordered from a simple to read menu, and eat my pasta and garlic bread all in about 20 minutes.  It was fast, quick, and delicious.

The Menu Board

Pasta, Salads, and a few deserts highlight the menu here.  Each pasta was priced right at $6.75 except for the tortellini which was $1 more because it is more of a premium pasta (cheese filled).  You have a basic 7 selections to choose from, but you can also mix and match.  We went with the cheesy tortellini as well as the deconstructed lasagna today.  I mentioned that it was my first time in the store, and because of this was offered a free canned soda.

The Santa Pasta “to go” “Doggy” bags

I really liked the containers that the pasta came in.  You would expect to find a Chinese dish in something like this, but instead – yummy pasta!  When I think of eating pasta I think of dirty dishes, silverware, and a mess, but not with this place.  The boxes make it convenient to eat on the go, or in front of the T.V, or where ever else floats your boat.  The deconstructed lasagna was amazing for the portion and price.  Good sauce, pasta was tender and cooked right, and there was a good amount of sausage inside.  The cheesy tortellini was awesome as well.  A good amount of chicken and vegetables, with soft cheese filled tortellini pasta.

Santa Pasta isn’t going to compete with the high-end Italian restaurants in the area, but doesn’t really try to.  They are right off a busy 300 W with convenient parking in front.  If you want great tasting pasta and garlic bread, they got it for you fast and fresh.  I’m looking forward to a return visit to sample some of their other flavors.



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