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September 25, 2012 / foodradar

Banbury Cross

The Mecca of Donuts

It doesn’t take an NFL replacement referee to figure out where the best tasting donuts in town are.  I’m almost embarrassed to post this review, because pretty much everyone already knows this place, and recognizes its greatness.  In honor of my Cincinnati Reds, who just clinched the 2012 National League Central Title, I’m going to compare the decision on “Where to go out to eat?” to baseball.  Some choices are much harder than others.  For example, if you were to ask “Where is the best breakfast in town?”  That question is pretty much the equivalent of hitting an Aroldis Chapman 102 MPH fastball.  There are so many great choices, that you can’t really ever name a best place.  On the opposite end of the spectrum however, the question “Who has the best donuts?” is like placing a huge inflatable beach ball on a tee, and letting you make contact somehow with it.  My 5 month old son Levi could do it.  What I’m trying to say here, is Banbury Cross, ladies and gentleman have the best donuts in town.  Krispie Kreme what?  NO.  Banbury Cross, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t know nor do I care who is in second place.

A sight so beautiful, a single tear came to my eye

This place has all my favorites.  Old fashioned, maple bars, chocolate, pinwheels.  There is a donut of every shape and size for every person of every shape and size.  lol.  The maple bars are some of my favorite.  It takes me 3-4 Hyrum size bites to finish one off.  Don’t know what a Hyrum size bite is?  It’s big.  Trust me.  The Butterflies are another one of my favorites.  They don’t have any cute colors and sprinkles like some of its brothers and sisters, but they are so soft and gooey.  I just gained a pound by just thinking of them.

You kids ready for story time?  Okay here it goes, but first a picture, because everyone knows books are one million times better when they have pictures.  That may be the one thing I learned in the 3rd grade.

The sticky bun.

Just last week at work we were called upon to perform some extra chores beyond the call of duty.  I decided to text my manager as I was getting into the car one morning, to inform her that I was going to be buying some donuts.  I knew that she had a Hawaiian vacation coming up, and was pretty much in a great mood, so I thought my chances of getting a “Yes” were greatly increased.  She of course said yes, and I had my handy-dandy corporate card in my wallet, so off I went.  I walked in and ordered 2 assorted dozen donuts, that were swiftly and skillfully boxed in the matter of seconds by the staff at Banbury Cross.  But there was something that caught my eye on the right hand side of the donut shelves.  It was the “premium” donut section filled with apple fritters, bear claws, cinnamon rolls, and these beauties, the sticky buns.  I had to be strategic with my purchase.  If I were to buy just the 2 dozen donuts and take off for work, then what was I supposed to snack on while driving?  On the other hand, if I added a sticky bun to my order, then not only would the 2 dozen donuts arrive in tact at the office, I would have a great tasting sticky bun to eat all for myself on my drive.  You guys all know the right decision to make here.  When we are talking sticky buns, you can pretty much justify anything.  Any time is sticky bun time in my book.  The only question I had to answer when I got to the office was why I wasn’t enjoying any tasting donuts.  I was forced to just say I was watching my figure, but the real truth was I was so incredibly full from my sticky bun, there was no way another bite was going down my mouth.

Dude, this place is so good!  They have a little cottage that just invites you to come inside.  They even have a drive up window for those who don’t feel like getting out of the car, but want donuts.  There really isn’t any reason to not go there right away and enjoy Salt Lake’s best donut.  Downtown Salt Lake has some really good bakeries like Gourmandaise and Les Madelines, but if you want some tasty donuts, then look no further.



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