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September 30, 2012 / foodradar

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes

I don’t know what it is about my food reviews, but I am always thinking of bakeries.  I’ve never driven by anywhere in this valley that sells donuts, cookies, cakes, sweets etc. without going inside and checking it out.  Of course when I saw “Nothing Bundt Cakes” across the street from South Towne Mall in Sandy, Utah, I had to go inside and check it out as well.  Anyone here ever watch the movie “Big Fat Greek Wedding” ?  My guess is most of you have.  “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was a surprise smash box office hit a few years back.  It didn’t start off doing very good business, but because it was so funny, and through word of mouth, it enjoyed one of the longest runs at the movie theatre where I work, than I recall of any other movie.  I want to say it started sometime in April, and ran all the way through the summer and into late August which is just unheard of for any movie.  One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when the two families meet for the first time at the bride’s house.  The groom’s parents bring a bundt cake over for dinner.  I guess they don’t have bundt cakes in Greece because hilarity ensues.  Below is a picture illustrating what became of the bundt cake.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Nothing Bundt Cakes deals in, of course bundt cakes.  They got them in several different sizes.  The bundtinis are your miniature two bite size cakes, and those are the smallest.  The bundlet is an individual size cake that costs around $4 bucks and is just enough for one person.  From there you can also order an eight or ten inch full size bundt cake decorated or non decorated.  These tasty cakes have lots of frosting, and are really moist and delicious.  The standard flavors include chocolate chip, lemon, pecan praline, white chocolate chip, red velvet, cinnamon swirl and others.  Also each month they have  special seasonal flavor you can order.  Please take note that you should not take these cakes home, and put a flower or plant in the middle.  They are made to be eaten.

The bundt display case

If you want to a quick cake on the fly, then they have you covered.  If you want to bring back a few dozen bundtinis for an office meeting, they have you covered.  If you want an upgraded experience for your next birthday party or event, then they have you covered there too.  Consider visiting here soon, no “bundts” about it!  muahahahaha!



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