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October 7, 2012 / foodradar

Frida Bistro

Frida Bistro

I’ve been excited to come visit Frida Bistro ever since I tried their Salpicon at Farmer’s Market a few Saturdays ago.  Salpicon is made of a chilled shredded beef, panella cheese, jalapeno, carrots, and avocado.  It was by far, the best thing I tried or sampled that day at Farmer’s market.  As I was sampling the salpicon, I noticed some products for sale from Rico Market.  The Frida Bistro folks explained that they were the same company.  Rico Market used to be located over by my mother-in-law’s house over by Liberty Park, but has since moved over to the same location Frida Bistro is at.  Some of you might recognize Rico Market products as well from Harmon’s or Winder Farms.  I’ve always enjoyed their stuff, and the salpicon was so good, I decided to take my family there for my birthday dinner last Saturday, and was rewarded with a rich dining experience at a unique location which seemed to be in an industrial zone just outside of the downtown Salt Lake area.

I gotta start with some of the art and decor of Frida Bistro.  It was pretty awesome, I had to take a moment before dinner to get some pictures.  There were lots of paintings of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  Here are a few of the pieces.

The dining room is full of color and decorations hanging from the ceiling

Check out this awesome chair in the men’s restroom

The Lounge

This was an interesting space just outside of the men’s restroom tucked away deep in the bowels of Frida Bistro.  I could see myself relaxing there while munching on some taco’s and watching some soccer.

This guy was protecting the kitchen

Loved this painting

About the only thing I remember from studying Spanish in high school, was learning about Dia de los Muertos in Mexican culture.  (Day of the Dead).  I imagine this painting has something to do with that.

Okay finally on to the food.  When I think of pre-dinner treats at Mexican restaurants I think of a bowl of complimentary chips and salsa.  Something was telling me though as we sat down, that Frida Bistro was going to go above and beyond.  I was right.  They brought out these cheese filled masa cakes on a bed of sugar-coated pumpkin seeds.  That was my description, I’m not sure if that is what the dish is actually called, but it was very tasty.

Complimentary Chips and Salsa?  Not exactly

One of the highlights of my experience was the appetizer.  I was looking through the options, and saw something about a chorizo filled fondue cheese with chips to dip in.  I didn’t need to read any further.  This dip was absolutely glorious.  It consisted of Monterey and Menonita cheeses.  My two kids who normally hate dipping chips in stuff, couldn’t get enough of it.  You could pretty much dip anything you want in this stuff, and it is going to be amazing.

Queso Fundido

It was a pretty tough choice on what do eat for dinner.  Everything on the menu described looked amazing.  I had the feeling that Frida Bistro put a lot of thought into each dish.  In fact the tag line from their website was “Make love to our food”.  Well turns out I was going to make some serious love to Costillas de Bufalo Horneadas, or Buffalo Short Ribs.  Try to imagine the best pot roast you have ever had, and how soft and tender the meat was.  Now take that tenderness and apply it to short ribs.  That is what I got.  I could have eaten this with the same spoon I give baby food to my son with.  The meat was so tender and tasty.  The green vegetable mix that came along with it, and some serious zip.  Yeah, I was making love to this food, with my wife sitting just across from me.

Buffalo short ribs

While I was handling my plate, my wife was equally busy with hers.  She went with the Pollo Poblano, which was chicken breast stuffed with cream and poblano cheeses on top of a sweet corn polenta.  The chicken was excellent.  The cheese was too, although it seemed to be everywhere.

Pollo Poblano

There was a kids menu which our kids ordered from.  They went with the cheese quesadilla.  Even this dish taken from the kids menu looked awesome.  And Luke and Avery both loved the green rice.

Kids Cheese Quesadilla

We had a great time at Frida Bistro.  The service was really good.  The food was top-notch.  The atmosphere was amazing.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a review where I had so many pictures, and I easily could have included about a dozen more.  These guys are open for lunch and dinner with lots of other treasures to try.  Hopefully I make it back soon for some salpicon or queso fundido in the near future.

Frida Kahlo paintings



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