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October 20, 2012 / foodradar

Cantina Southwestern Grill

If my memory serves me correctly, this is the 3rd different restaurant that has been at this location right behind Jordan Commons in Sandy.  The building itself is pretty cool.  There are a lot of neat features like ceiling fans that run on a belt system, or big wooden barrels right by the entrance.  Cantina certainly makes for a relaxing dining atmosphere before or after hitting up a movie or soccer match.  I decided to try it myself before going to watch Taken 2 this week.  Turns out the food and prices match the ambiance of this southwestern grill restaurant.

Patio Seating

I’m a big fan of anything a restaurant wants to give me to eat, that I don’t actually have to pay for.  Mexican restaurants are usually pretty good about giving you some chips and salsa.  The danger about this free gift though, is if the chips and salsa are not very good, then it gives you this “doom and gloom” feeling about how your meal is going to turn out.  Cantina gives you the chips and salsa, but they also have a pretty expansive salsa bar to back it up, 6 different salsas to be exact with heat index ratings for each one.  I found the mango salsa and the avocado salsa to be adequate choices for my chips.

Chips and Salsa

I’m a soup lover.  And the first one I usually look for at Mexican places is some sort of chicken tortilla soup.  Cantina happens to have a tortilla soup, but I didn’t order it, and the reason why is they serve pazole here.  I don’t know what I would rate higher in terms of Mexican beauties; Salma Hayak or a well prepared bowl of pazole.  The basic pazole usually include chunks of pork or chicken with hominy which is a big white corn.  Cantina garnishes their version with cabbage and radishes.  I love this soup, and Cantina does a pretty mean pazole.

I went with Flautas ala Cantina.  They are basically rolled enchiladas that are deep-fried, that are stuffed with chicken, jalapenos, and onions then covered with cayenne crema fresa and cilantro.  This dish was really good.

Flautas ala Cantina

Also ordered was the Cantina Chimichanga, another house specialty.  I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for fried stuff.  Just am I guess.

Cantina Chimichanga

Finally, the crowned jewel of my meal.  This has all the great elements of what a desert should be.  Cheesecake, powdered sugar, ice cream, caramel drizzle.  And did I mention the cheesecake is stuffed in tortilla and deep-fried to a golden crisp?  Ugg it’s so good, even writing about it makes me hungry.

Xango Cheesecake

This wasn’t the best Mexican/Southwestern place I’ve been to, but it certainly was worth my time and money.  The building was clean and spacious with lots of interesting decorations.  The food was quality for what you are spending, and for being located right across from one of the best theatres in the state, you have your dinner and a movie date night all set out in front of you.



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