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October 25, 2012 / foodradar

Rubio’s Fresh Mexican

I’m kind of drifting into new territory with this post.   There are two things that I really don’t do a lot of, and they are A – I don’t do many national chains, only local places, and B – I don’t do many places that do seafood.  I’m breaking with traditional a bit with this story because I think Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill doesn’t get enough credit for the quality of food they serve.  (the fish tacos are amazing).  When you think of restaurants in the same category as Rubio’s you normally would think immediately of Cafe Rio or Costa Vida, they are both very predominant in the Salt Lake City Market.  Rubio’s however has carved out a nice little niche in the Mexican quick-serve market.  They offer a nice assortment of fish and shrimp tacos and burrito’s along with all the other Mexican favorites.

Regal Springs Tilapia Tacos

Before heading up to Rubio’s for some tacos in Sugarhouse, I mentioned to some co-workers where I was going.  I immediately got lots of heads popping up and turning towards me, “Hey I love that place”  “Hey I love their chopped chicken salad”, or “Can you bring me back something”.  Turns out Rubio’s is more popular than I thought.

The Rubio’s I usually go to is the one in Sugarhouse.  It is located in a nice little shopping center that includes a Whole Foods Market, Barnes and Noble, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  (Guys – Don’t pretend you don’t like going to Bed Bath and Beyond!!)  Our family usually parks here every  year before walking up to Sugarhouse Park to see the fireworks display.  There is just something about the Sugarhouse area that is very nostalgic to me.  Just down the street they just put in a few other of my favorite downtown places like Bruges Waffles, and Ekamai Thai Cuisine.  You also have Fats Grill just across the street.  You can even get some Ice Cream from Maggie Moos after enjoying your fish tacos.

Each combo plate comes with a souffle cup full of delicious refried beans.  As I was waiting for my order I saw another gentleman come and pick up his tacos.  As he was walking away he took one of his tortilla chips that comes standard with each platter and dipped it in his beans.  I laughed to myself because that is the first thing I do too when I go to Rubios.  Besides beans, Rubio’s has a nice salsa bar with different flavors and heat options to dress up your meal.

I tried the Tilapia tacos today.  One I got regular and the other I had blackened.  They were both delicious.  I’m not sure what my hangup with seafood is.  Ever since I was a kid, it has never been the first thing I’ve ordered from a menu, but whenever I built up the courage to order something, I have loved it.  Seems easy to go with fish tacos at Rubio’s however, because that is their specialty.  They even have some salmon tacos, so there is not just one fish option for you.

In the spirit of this year’s political season, I am officially endorsing Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill on FoodRadar.  I approve of this message, and even better, I approve of their food and service.  You can’t have every single meal a sit down restaurant where you leave a tip, or a drive in where you get your food handed to you in a bag.  Sometimes you want to come in and relax, get fresh food, handed to you quickly, but not overpay for a dining experience.  Rubio’s won’t add 9 million jobs, or get us a balanced budget, but it will make your stomach really happy with a yummy seafood/Mexican offering that will make you come back again and again.



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