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November 5, 2012 / foodradar

Stella Grill

Stella is located right down the street from where I work in Murray, Utah.  Locals will remember this location and that it used to be a Firehouse BBQ.  It was converted over several years ago to Stella’s which is a fun little American diner.  I drive by this place all the time during the lunch hour and it is always packed.

Check out the inside of the diner.  On the North side of the restaurant, you have huge oversized tables that are perfect for large groups.  You don’t feel like you are smashed in like sardines when you are sitting in these booths like you do at other places.  The table itself doesn’t smash into  your gut like other places either.  I’m not saying I have a big gut.  I may have a little girth protection around my iron cauldron six-pack, but there is no fat here I assure you.  I just really like the spacing in this restaurant.  It was some sort of auto-mechanic garage at one point, but now it is full of light and just feels real comfortable.

Open Face Hanger Steak Sandwich

I ordered one of the best named sandwiches I have ever had, the Open Face Hanger Steak Sandwich.  This sandwich is not your typical 2 slices of bread with meat inside sandwich.  There is only one slice of bread here.  They take a delicious slice of ciabatta and cover it with some demi glaze.  They then take the juiciest pieces of steak and throw in some mushrooms, blue cheese and basil mayo.  I’m sometimes a little wary of ordering a steak sandwich, because if they steak is too tough, then it makes eating the sandwich a little cumbersome and messy.  This isn’t the case with the Hanger.  The slices of steak were perfectly cut with just the right tenderness.  The glaze and blue cheese sauce drips down into the ciabatta bread.  Ugh, it was so good!

Also check out the salad that came with my sandwich.  That is the Stella house pasta salad.  I would highly suggest getting it with whatever you order.  It’s not your typical boring iceberg lettuce with a few croutons and a tomato house salad.  This stuff had all sorts of magical yummyness inside.

I’ve only ever been to Stella during their lunch service.  They have a number of other sandwiches, burgers, and even a few Mexican items.  If you do happen to go during dinner time, you can get yourself a juicy steak, salmon, or even a game hen.

The food is great here at Stella Grill.  It’s a pretty good option for the area when it comes to lunch time.  Judging from how busy it is, I would say it is a local favorite as well.



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