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November 9, 2012 / foodradar

City Hall the Restaurant

I loved my recent visit to City Hall the Restaurant while visiting  Miami, Florida.  They offer some great lunch time options, but with a twist.  For example instead of appetizers from the menu, they called them “Opening Statements”  The first thing on the menu caught my eye, “City Hall uncovential French onion soup”.  Well I love French Onion soup and how can you pass up a description like that?  I was pretty excited to get my dish.  Here is what it looked like.

French Onion Soup

So you can see why they call it unconvential now right?  The ‘tradional’ way of preparing French Onion would be to take a slice of bread and float it on top of the onions and broth, then melt cheese on top of the bread, letting it spill over the sides of the cup.  City Hall skipped out on the bread part, and took thick ravioli’s filled with cheese to act as the bread and cheese agent.  It tasted just as good, and was a lot less messy to eat.  I loved it!

Reuben Sandwich

It is pretty safe to say I’m addicted to Reuben sandwiches.  This one came just how I expected.  Toasted rye bread, with the corned beef and cheese spilling out the sides.  This was perfect with the sweet potato fries.  The sandwiches here were outstanding.  I just wish that one day other states like Florida would wake up and figure out what Fry Sauce is!  (Fry Sauce is a Utah original made primarily of ketchup and mayo mixed together)

Sadly while writing this review, I look out the window and see the Wasatch front blanketed with snow along with the roads and everything else.  My memories of City Hall restaurant located along Biscayne Bay in sunny Miami, Florida are quickly becoming faded memories.  I will miss the sun and I sure will miss the food at City Hall.  Here is a picture of the menu showing some of the other categories.  (Breaking the Law = Deserts)  How appropriate right?



Feedback appreciated!

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