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November 13, 2012 / foodradar

Pizza Factory and Fat Cats

Sometimes in my household, I will get home from work on a Friday afternoon, and my wife will give me that “Get me out of here” look.  The kids will be lying upside down on the couch after watching SpongeBob Squarepants for hours.  It is in these situations that a man has to have a game plan.  For me personally, if I have not given much thought on how to entertain this Motley Crew, then we will end up just going to a mall somewhere to walk around, and then finish the night grabbing a Little Caesars pizza.  However, recently I discovered a go-to plan that is not only fun and delicious for me, but my kids absolutely LOVE it.  Just take them to Fat Cats and Pizza Factory.

For the entertainment portion of your evening, you basically have 3 options.  First option would be to throw away all your money in the video game center, in order to win a few hundred tickets that in turn you will use to wait at the prize counter for 30 minutes while your kids decide between a plastic spider or a pencil.  Not my idea of fun, although the Deal or No Deal game always tempts me.

Option 2 is one of my favorites, and that is to just rent a bowling lane.  Fat Cats on the weekends runs promotions with Pizza Factory for you to get a lane for an hour, and that comes with soda and pizza, all the bowling games you want and shoes.  I believe that deal is around $40, but I could be wrong.

Option 3, is the little glow in the dark putt-putt golf course that they recently installed in the past year.  Basically it is a little 9 hole course filled with black lights and pirates themed putting holes.  My wife and I usually won’t even play, and it is only $1.50 for each kid to play.  It is difficult to find something in this town that will absolutely entertain your kids for that cheap in this town.

The Pizza Factory Dining Room

Now you may have noticed at the top of this post, that the approval rating for Pizza Factory is a little low at 67%.  That is probably because there are a few things on the menu, that in my opinion or average, and then there are a few things that are absolutely amazing.  I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to order when coming here.  And I will warn you folks on diets out there, this will be hazardous to your losing weight attempts.


Remember the movie 2001 Space Odyssey when the monkey tosses the bone up in the air, and it is in this classic moment with the music playing, that the bone because a space ship?  That’s what comes to mind when describing the size and awesomeness of these breadsticks.  In the picture above I bought 2 and brought them back to my office with me.  I purposely place a packet of sweetener in the picture so I could scale how big these things are.  They are so big, so fluffy, and so good.  Take my advice thought, make sure you get a side of alfredo dipping sauce to go with your breadstick.  There are few things better in this town than a piping hot breadstick and warm alfredo sauce to dip it in.

There is one other thing that I religiously come to Fat Cats for, and it doesn’t even require sitting down and ordering.  Right up front by the cash register, they have huge cookies.  The oatmeal chocolate chip cookie is an absolute revelation.  Every day around 3 pm at work, is when my productivity takes a severe nose dive.  It is around this time where I will leave to make my Fat Cats cookie run.  You can choose between chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and oatmeal chocolate chip.  All of them are really good, but the oatmeal chocolate chip is my favorite.

Everything else at Pizza Factory is average in my opinion, the pizza and salad bar if they were the only things on the menu, I probably wouldn’t even be writing this review.  Throw in the amazing breadsticks, and the fact there is a fun bowling alley next door, makes this place a pretty cool hangout spot for friends and family.



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  1. Tammy Calloway / Nov 13 2012 10:20 am

    we go to the Pizza Factory in Ogden and we too LOVE the breadsticks. They come on a long stick, are buttery garlic delicious!

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