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November 24, 2012 / foodradar

Chow Truck

Meals on Wheels

Who would have thought that the short yellow bus would be the Woodland Towers savior this winter?  Recently due to tough economical times, we had two of our favorite local lunch places go out of business, School Lunch, and NYPD Pizza.  The only other on campus food place was Arctic Circle, which has a cloud of grease hovering around it in all directions.  At least now we have a yummy food option every Tuesday at 11:30.  It’s Chow Truck, Haute Asian Cuisine on the Go!

its a mobile kitchen

Chow Truck brings the goods to you.  Specials filled with tacos and quesadillas.  (No it’s not Mexican food)  You have lots of cold drinks to choose from, as well as tasty delights for a snack.  You can get the full menu as well as where Chow Truck will be and where on their website found here.  Since this was my first visit to Chow Truck, I wanted to get as many different items as possible.  I went with 3 different taco flavors:

Chow Truck Tacos

Each taco comes with some  crunchy wonton strips and yummy Asian cole slaw.  The three meat flavors I went with were coconut lemon-grass chicken, pineapple ginger pork, and spicy beef with cilantro-pesto chili.  I loved the chicken and the beef tacos.  The meat was flavored just right and seemed to work well with the corn tortillas and crunchy wonton strips.  I’ve never been a big fan of ginger, but for those  that are, I would recommend the pork ginger tacos as well.  At $3 dollars a taco, they are more than what you would expect to pay at a taco cart downtown, but then again, these tacos won’t give you Hershey squirts so that is a plus.

I have a friend who ordered the quesadilla with pork and pineapple on the inside.  (This is what I should have gotten)  It was pretty fantastic.  Not pictured are also these asian spiced root chips they sell.  They are kinda like potato chips but better.

Most of the time you can find Chow Truck at the REI at 3300 South and 3200 East, but check the schedule they update every week to see if they are somewhere close by.  I liked the Chow Truck.  It was a little union of Asian flavor with American and Mexican offerings.  Something different for the holiday season!


Feedback appreciated!

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