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December 4, 2012 / foodradar

Fruit Flowers


Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or if you just want someone out there to know you are thinking of them, what can you do?  What can you send?  Last Christmas, I had this idea in my head that getting someone a gift card was taking the easy way out.  Therefore, much to my wife’s objection, I went out and bought all my brothers and sisters, and parents actual gifts and shipped them.  I really had to admit however after the fact, that gift cards would of been a lot less expensive, and we could of saved a lot of money.  Plus, the person receiving the gift card could have spent it on whatever they wanted.  This year I think we will go the route of the gift card.  LOL  However!  However!  I still insist that it is nice to be able to send something that shows you put some thought into it.  I’ll tell you right now what you can send that that special someone will be sure to love!  Fruit Flowers!


We got this little number shipped to our house and it was awesome.  I almost wish I could have frozen it in time, because it was so nice to look at.  It is like that perfectly cooked meal that you can’t quite bring yourself to eat because it is so beautiful!  Each Fruit Flower bouquet comes nicely wrapped for freshness, and in its own vase that you can reuse for other stuff in the future!

Fruit Flowers

Fruit Flowers

This particular bouquet is a special holiday bouquet known as the Grand Floral Fruit Dipped.  It has marshmellow stuffed strawberries, kiwi, canteloupe, melons, grapes, and pineapple.  Oh and chocolate dipped strawberries as well.  I have 3 kids in the house, and it is not always easy to get them to eat healthy stuff.  If my little girl could take candy through an IV, then she probably would.  This bouquet really caught their eye however, and they all loved eating the fresh fruit shaped like flowers.  The skeptic in me wanted to taste the fruit to see what sort of quality it was.  I was surprised to see how fresh everything was.  It didn’t taste like the fruit had been sitting in a freezer or fridge for days.  Also, my wife has a really sensitive taste for things that overly rich.  She said the chocolate was perfect.  It wasn’t overly done or too heavy, but was just right for the strawberries.

The only downsides we saw to the bouquet was finding room for it in the fridge.  hahaha.  We had to move around a few shelves and milk cartons to find room for the uneaten portion.  I am writing this review a few days after we initally got the bouquet, and there is still just under half left, with the fruit STILL tasting delicious and fresh!  Finally parents, be careful with sharing with your kids, because the fruit comes on long wooden skewers, so you don’t want them to poke their eyes out this Christmas, leave that to the Red Ryder BB Gun.


We loved our Fruit Flower gift basket.  They have a local office in Layton.  You can follow them on Facebook or on Twitter, or just look them up at  Send something this Holiday Season that is just a few clicks away from you, and will bring a lot of holiday joy to whoever is lucky enough on the receiving end to get one of these beauties.  Merry Christmas Everyone!  (Just no more Little Drummer Boy, it’s driving me crazy)


Feedback appreciated!

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