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December 4, 2012 / foodradar

Sugarhouse BBQ

Ah Sugarhouse BBQ.  There is just something about that name that sounds right.  Kinda rolls off the tongue if you know what I mean?  Sugarhouse BBQ.  There is a special place in my heart for this place.  I love BBQ food.  I had two loves as a young boy.  The first was Princess Sorsha from the movie Willow, and the second was BBQ ribs.  Sugarhouse just does it right.  See that motorcycle sitting up in the rafters?  That’s right, how can you not be awesome if you have a motorcycle in your BBQ restaurant?

My two meat plate

My two meat plate

See the above two meat plate I ordered.  Here is the good and the bad of this plate.  First the good.  The pork was delicious, I like how tender it was.  I like to drench my pulled pork in BBQ sauce.  The more the better.  Mission accomplished.  More good from this plate were the sides.  The Mac and Cheese and the mashed potatoes and gravy tasted very good.  It is important for me to have good pork and good Mac and Cheese as part of my meal, so based on those two elements alone, this plate was a winner.  Now for the bad,  the cornbread was very dry.  It was so dry and crumbly that I couldn’t even spread my butter on it without it falling apart.  Also the beef brisket for some reason on this occasion was a little tough.  These however were little annoyances, overall my meal was very good.

A sandwich

A sandwich

Also consumed was a pork sandwich as shown above.  Nothing fancy smancy about this sandwich.  Just straight up bun and meat.  I don’t think you need to re-invent the wheel on this.  They just give you the core products and let you decide how to dress it up with the assortment of BBQ sauces they offer.  They give you some spicy BBQ, sweet BBQ, and mustard BBQ sauces.  Yep!  Sounds about right!

Sugarhouse is a good BBQ place to eat.  I would rate it in the top 3 BBQ places to eat in Salt Lake City.  I’m not going to put it above my beloved Pat’s BBQ, but I would rate it above other places like Famous Daves and Q4U.  Plus they earn bonus points for serving BBQ in the first place.  BBQ is awesome and deserves its own food group, (just because.)  Finally, Sugarhouse appears often on Groupon, so watch out for the good half off deals.


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