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December 17, 2012 / foodradar

Eleven Eleven Mississippi

Eleven Eleven Mississippi

Eleven Eleven Mississippi

 On a recent trip to St. Louis, I really wanted to pick a nice place to eat, where I would have access to view a television in order to watch the election results come in.  (Yes I’m a little late in writing this review)  I only had Yelp and Urbanspoon to go off of, but there was one place that caught my eye in between those two apps, and that was Eleven Eleven Mississippi.  My meal really started off on the wrong foot, but gradually got better and better, and the grand finale was phenomenal.

Cheese fondue

Cheese fondue

I started out with the cheese fondue plate.  This is where my meal really got off on the wrong foot.  The plate itself looks rather tasty when placed in front of you, but the bread had that burnt toast smell to it.  For me the aroma of the plate really sets the tone for the experience.  For the cheese fondue, the first bite or so was decent, however the fondue then settled into a quiche-like consistency.  I found that I couldn’t really dip the bread into it, due to the thickness, and spreading the fondue on top of the bread was a bit cumbersome.  I was kinda bummed out, because I was expecting a bit more from this appetizer.  I ended up paying more attention to the incoming election results then I did the plate.  Things would look up though…

AA 004

Wild Boar Ravioli

For the side dish, I went with some of their risotto.  (pictured in the upper right hand corner)  It was a distinct step up in quality from the fondue.  I thought the risotto was creamy and tasty.

The gold medal winner and savior of my night was the wild boar ravioli.  This plate was phenomenal.  The tomato based sauce was seasoned just right, and each ravioli was cooked to perfection stuffed with delicious wild boar sausage and herbs.  It actually made me forget all about my cheese fondue.  I felt the risotto even mixed well on the palate along with the ravioli.

There were other things on the menu, I really wished I could have tried.  It is a menu like no other I have seen before.  Yes it has your meat, seafood, and chicken dishes, but they also have some wild game dishes like Rabbit Hindquarter that you don’t see very often.  I also want to give the building itself props.  I’ve always been a fan of open multi level floor plans with restaurants.  Everything was beautiful on the inside.  Very nice indeed.

The dining area

The dining area

Would I eat there again if I lived in St. Louis and not Salt Lake City?  Absolutely!  No restaurant gets 100% of their menu right, luckily I was able to hit a home run with the ravioli after striking out with the fondue.


Feedback appreciated!

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