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December 17, 2012 / foodradar

Lenny’s Sub Shop

Lenny's Downtown SLC

Lenny’s Downtown SLC

My most recent Groupon adventure took me to Downtown SLC just on 300 South and Main.  Now this is a sub shop going in right in the heart of what I consider a pretty good corner for sandwiches.  Around the corner you have Robin’s Nest, and then a few shops down you have DP Cheesecakes.  I thought to myself.  “Ah new kid on the block is here to take on the big boys”.  I stepped in to see what Lenny’s had to offer.

The menu

The menu

They have all the standard offerings.  My first thought was this was somewhere between a Jimmy Johns and a Firehouse Subs.  They have sandwiches from a pre-built menu, salads, and a kids menu.  They even have give you an option to make it a “Large” sandwich for only “$4.40” more.  Well my Groupon was for $12 bucks, so I was going to put this “Am I Hungry” challenge to the test.  Hahaha.  I won’t keep you in suspense.  The Philly Cheesesteak “Hungry” size kicked my butt.  If I were Ralphie, I definitely shot my eye out.

Lenys and Milagros 007

Philly and a Cookie

As I was ordering and looking over the options, I really wanted a drink with this.  Lenny’s offers you a drink and chips as part of a “combo” meal if you so choose.  I personally however think that chips are disgusting.  Why would I waste valuable stomach space on potato chips when I have a huge Philly cheesesteak in front of me?  Luckily the gal behind the counter used her Jedi skills to sense my predicament, and told me I could “sub” (no pun intended) out my chips for a cookie.  She even told me that they had the best cookies in town.  pffft.  #1  Who does this chick think she’s talking to?  hahaha  and #2  The best cookies in town clearly can be found here.  I finally got my sandwich delivered to my table.  My first reaction as I reached down to grab my sandwich was how incredibly soft the bread was. It was like they took the Downy Softener bear, and cut him into a million tiny pieces, and made a loaf of bread out of him.  I remember even poking the break with my finger a couple of times because I was so fascinated with how soft the bread was.  Now there are basically two schools of thought when it comes to Philly Cheesesteaks breads.  You either have the slighty crunchy exterior with chewy inside like Moochies, or you have the soft everywhere bread like Lenny’s.  I generally like a little crunch to my Philly because you need bread that will hold up to the weight of the sandwich.  I was relieved to find that even though this bread was soft, it held the meaty and cheesy contents just fine.

The flavor of this sandwich was awesome.  I actually had to blow it a bit when I got it, because it was so piping hot.  Now Philly enthusiast will tell you that an authentic sandwich is made with rib eye steak and cheese whiz and some onions mixed in.  This sandwich was dripping juicy, and I could see that the little drips that were forming on the bottom of my deli paper were slightly orange in color.  The bread was soft and good, I was able to use it to dip it in the juice puddles.  Man was this sandwich good.

Oh and lady who claimed her cookies were the best in town?  It is okay, I understand you are only doing your job, but keep your chin up, because this macadamia nut cookie you gave me, was very good.  Definitely above average for a deli cookie.

My meal at Lenny’s was spectacular.  And the service?  I understand that Lenny’s has a lot of other locations elsewhere in the U.S, but for a chain place, these guys sure were nice.  I could only finish half of my sandwich and went up to the register to ask for a bag.  The lady put on plastic gloves, and came to my table herself to take my uneaten sandwich and wrap it in some fresh deli paper.  Now that is service!  The staff is friendly.  The food was awesome.  The portion size was big.  And the cookies were tasty.

Yes I will be back.


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