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December 29, 2012 / foodradar

Millcreek Grill & Bar

Millcreek Bar & Cafe

Millcreek Bar & Cafe

I paid a visit to the new occupants of this building previously held by Terrapin Station, a BBQ joint, up in Millcreek, Utah.  I found them through Groupon, and have to admit, that I initially thought they were Millcreek Cafe which is further East down the same road.  It was not until I was driving to lunch that I realized this was an entirely new place I have not been to.  Since I had the Groupon, and I was hungry, I decided to give them a try for lunch.

Bean and Sausage Soup

Bean and Sausage Soup

The joint itself, is open and spacious with lots of room, and a bar area.  I decided to have lunch at the bar since I was by myself and they had 2 large flat screens with sports on for me to watch during my meal.  In the menu you will find what I would consider typical Grill & Bar food.  For whatever reason I did not order the Millcreek G & B specialty which is their stuffed cheeseburgers.  This special changes every week.  I asked my waitress about that week’s stuffed burger, and it was stuffed with Italian sausage with marinara sauce.  To me it sounded great, and I was about ready to order it, but when I asked her if she would recommend it, I sensed some hesitation in her voice.  She did describe what sounded great for their daily special, and that was some beef tips with mushrooms over rice.  I ultimately decided on that since I love the taste of beef tips with rice, and I’ve always loved mushrooms.  The meal even came with some bean and sausage soup, so I felt like I was set.

Beef Tips over Rice

Beef Tips over Rice

The above dish made me forget about not getting the stuffed burger.  The rice was cooked really well.  The seasoning they used was very tasty, and none of the rice clumped together.  It was cooked just right.  The beef tips were tender and juicy.  I even took a big bite of one to see if it would be tough to chew, but it was very good meat.  I liked how the mushrooms and stewed tomatoes went with the rice and beef.  Overall just a very nice dish with a good aroma and presentation.  I was pleased.

Even with the quality of the food and wide open and inviting space, the thing that impressed me most about Millcreek Grill & Bar was the friendly staff and manager.  I didn’t have to ask twice for my drink to be refreshed.  She waited on me hand and foot.  Granted, there were only 4-5 other tables at the restaurant at the time, but she could have easily been doing something else.  I felt very well taken care of.  The manager/owner even engaged me in conversation and was genuinely interested in my opinion of the place and the quality of the food.  Ironically enough it wasn’t until I was about ready to leave and had already paid my bill when I confessed I was a food critic.

I recommend giving these guys a try.  Every aspect of this place I would give an above average rating to excellent rating.  The facility, the prices, the food, and the service were all great.  I really do look forward to a return trip soon to try their stuff burgers.


Feedback appreciated!

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