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January 15, 2013 / foodradar

Village Baker

Village Baker

Village Baker

As part of my season of discovery in the valley of the Great Salt Lake, I went due West from my office during lunch time and came upon the Village Baker.  I really wanted Village Baker to be located next to a butcher, and a candlestick maker, because the tastes I discovered inside were nursery rhyme good.  Naturally at my office this morning, around 11 am the topic of where to go for lunch came up.  All my new co-workers know that I am the resident foodie, and my list of restaurants to visit has grown well into the double-digits.  Near the top of that list since day one has been Village Baker, so I gave it a go.

Stop Right here.  Final Grade = A+

Stop Right here. Final Grade = A+

Now if I were the Village Baker, what sorts of things would I be baking?  hmmmm.  That list would probably start out with just a really solid assortment of freshly baked cookies.  The Village Baker and I are definitely on the same page with this one, because their assortment of cookies was phenomenal.  I went with the chocolate chip.  In fact after I had ordered my sandwich and was waiting for it to be prepared, I unwrapped my cookie to have something to munch on.  Soon I discovered though, that I was about 2 bites away from finishing it by the time I got my sandwich.  My first instinct was to immediately buy several more cookies right away, but I didn’t want to spoil my appetite so I didn’t.  These cookies were delicious!  We won’t even talk about the cinnamon rolls they have.  Yummy!

The Club Sandwich

The Club Sandwich

There were about a dozen different sandwich choices to choose from, and each one came with 4-5 bread choices.  That makes for hundreds of sandwich combinations if my math is correct.  I was told the club sandwich was a good one for first timers.  It gives you both ham and turkey to try along with a bounty of fresh veggies to choose from.  The bacon that came with the sandwich was crunchy and thick, the way bacon was intended to be eaten.  The bread was so thick and chewy, if it were any more thick, it would be illegal.  I would suggest picking it up with two hands.



I don’t understand why the Village Baker is making salads.  You don’t bake salads, you prepare them.  I guess I’ll give them a pass, because my co-worker ordered the salad and he loves them.  He went ahead and ordered a snickerdoodle with his salad, that came with some BBQ Ranch dressing.  The cookie along with a half order of the salad, only ran him about $5.  Not bad if you are calorie and dollar counting.  Of course the snickerdoodle calories, don’t count if you don’t want them to.  🙂

Not reviewed on this specific trip was the Village Baker pizza.  They had a few of them out, but it seemed that the sandwiches and salads were the “bread and butter” dishes.  If the quality of the bread and cookies were indication, then I’m sure the pizzas are fantastic as well.

Village Baker seems to have quite a following in the south part of this valley.  We got their around 11:30 pm, and it was already starting to get very busy for the lunch hour.  It met all my criteria for a good deli; delicious cookies, thick sandwiches, generous portions of meat, and fresh and tasty vegetables.  From over 280 votes from Urbanspoon and a 94% approval rating, you really don’t have to take my word for it.  Village Baker is a great lunch spot with some good eats.  Just be prepared to take your food to go, as they do not have a dining area where you can sit down.



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  1. evanshrugged / Jan 15 2013 10:06 am

    I always considered VB to be a hidden gem. Best sandwiches in the state I would say.

  2. Worth / Feb 9 2013 11:53 am

    We find your review very thorough. Great pictures and description. We would know what to expect from Village Baker from reading this review. Thanks.


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