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I’ve always been a fan of great food and finding awesome places to eat.  I’ve lived in Salt Lake City for the past 15 years.  I was born in Idaho Falls but grew up mostly in Ohio.  I came to Salt Lake for the first time in 1997 when I was called to serve a mission here for the LDS Church.  Missionaries are always hungry, and I served all over the valley, and ate at many great places.  The goal of this blog is to share some of these great places that might not be well known to others.   I believe there is virtue in sharing happiness with others.  That’s what I would like to do.  I’m not a literary major.  I’m the type of guy who didn’t do very well in English.  I’m also the guy who did the bare minimum on written papers I had to turn in.  If the requirement was 2 pages.  I would write 1 and a half pages, and then increase font size until it filled up 2 sheets.  So please keep that in mind when reading my reviews.  Also I try to only review local places here in Salt Lake.  There are some really good national chains here that I enjoy eating at, but I think there is something fun in discovering hidden gems.  Feel free to provide any feedback or suggestions of places for me to try.



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  1. Rodrigo Miranda / Jul 8 2012 8:39 pm

    since your wifey is colombian, have you guys tried the little arepas cart on 9000 s off of redwood rd? Its in the “herradura de oro” ‘s parking lot. thought that might be a hidden gem worth checking out!

    • foodradar / Jul 8 2012 8:43 pm

      Yes it is 7800 and redwood. Those arepas are pretty decent!!

  2. cara landy / Dec 18 2012 1:23 am

    i have read your reviews for months and i am not impressed. i am not LDS, nor do i have children. i do not care about your mini van or where you park it. the ‘hooks’ at the beginning of your reviews are usually lame. it was good when you acknowledged that you were an invited guest at the longhorn steakhouse soft opening. have you ever given a restaurant a negative review on urbanspoon? if so, i’ve not seen it. sorry, i think you are probably a very nice guy with a very nice wife and family. just not my cup of tea at all. i won’t be reading your reviews anymore.

    • foodradar / Dec 18 2012 9:38 am


      This is really good feedback. I know my openings need some work. I’ve probably used the “i’m not good at writing” crutch for too long. I’ll try and improve on that. Also for the negative reviews, you bring up a valid point. I usually don’t do them. I’ve visited many placed I didn’t like, and when that happens, I just don’t do a review. I’ve talked to too many restaurant owners that have put everything in their places, and negative reviews can kill a restaurant. However, recently I’ve discovered is what they really want is fairness. My dad and I have talked about this. As long as you are fair to a place, that is the best you can do. Once again, I really do appreciate your feedback. I am currently working on a “Best of” page for 2012. If you have any other comments suggestions, I am certainly open to them.

  3. Karthik / Jan 5 2013 6:15 pm

    Sent you an email to invite you to try out our food delivery service. Let us know what you think! As a foodie I thought you’d be interested 🙂

    • foodradar / Jan 15 2013 9:38 am

      Karthik I never got your email, but I did check out your site. Looks pretty good, and I like some of the places you deliver for.

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