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February 5, 2013 / foodradar

Salt City Burger

Salt City Burger

Salt City Burger

There are a few subtle nuances of Salt City Burger that makes it a really solid choice for a burger and fry destination.  First and foremost, they deliver you the canvas on which the burger is built.  They don’t pretend to dictate to you how you should craft your burger.  Secondly, they already have a big jar of fry sauce at each table, along with just straight ketchup for the taste-bud challenged people.  Finally, they have a toppings bar that not only has all of the great solid toppings choices, but also all the ointments, sauces, and magic potions to put on top of your burger.  I guess you can say there are endless possibilities at Salt City.

Salt City Burger Toppings

Salt City Burger Toppings

I’m trying to remember where the concept of keeping the hot burger ingredients hot, and the cold ingredients cold began.  I think it was sometime during the 80’s when McDonald’s introduced the concept.  I remember my young 10-year-old mind being blown.  It made a lot of sense to me at the time and still does today.  Take this toppings bar for example.  It almost makes me feel like a fighter jet pilot in the cockpit in front of all the controls.  I can really take my burger in any direction I would like.  Initially I was going to give the burger a few squirts of mayo, but then I noticed a really exotic pink sauce in the back labeled Firehouse sauce.  Of course I had to go with that one.  They had eggs, tomatoes, red onions, 2 types of lettuce, peppers, and more to choose from.  Then to top it all off, they have tons of magical concoctions on top to further enhance your cheeseburgers attributes.  For me the barometer of measuring how effective the sauces are, is whether or not they have malt vinegar.  Malt vinegar makes burgers and cheesesteaks awesome and should be used without caution and generously.

The BBQ Bacon Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

The BBQ Bacon Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

And here is the end result of my creation.  One interesting thing about this burger which I actually thought was pretty clever idea, was the fact the bacon is baked inside and not on top.  My waiter even explained to me that the inner portion of the burger would appear a little more pink than normal, but that was due to the chopped up bacon and not the doneness of the burger.  While I was eating my burger I overheard the person waiting on the table next to me explain the exact same thing.  I thought to myself, “They must really have had a ton of people question “Why is my burger not well done?” in order for them to make sure they explain it to every table.”  The sweet potato fries were fantastic.  They were crispy and sweet-potato-y.

I loved Salt City Burger.  My only two regrets were A)  Not ordering the skillet cookie or milkshake because I hear they are fantastic and B)  leaving my wallet there.  Luckily I called that night, and was able to pick it up the next day.  You can do yourself a solid by making a stop here for lunch.  It is located next to plenty of lunch choices at Quarry Bend, but I found it to stand out in the burger department.



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  1. adventuresofike / Feb 6 2013 5:05 pm

    I love that you refer to people who would choose ketchup over fry sauce as taste bud challenged 🙂 That cracked me up. I would also take fry sauce over ketchup any day of the week.

    • foodradar / Feb 6 2013 5:18 pm

      My wife puts ketchup on everything from rice to scrambled eggs. Fry Sauce > Ketchup any day of the week!

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