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Best of 2012

The question I am asked most often is “What is your favorite place to eat?”  So here it goes.  My first “Best of” post on this site.

Now what you will not find on this page is a listing where everyone wins a prize.  This isn’t college football bowl season, or elementary school where everyone wins.  If you want to see all my reviews, you can access them here.  There may even be some categories where I won’t have a full top 3.  It is not because I haven’t reviewed enough entries, but I really only want to put the best of the best here.  21 of my over 90 reviews made the cut.

So here we go.  First my “Best Of” by category pics, and then below I will give my top overall places.

DISCLAIMER – I’ve only done around 90 reivews on this site.  There are still hundreds of places to go, and I do look forward to going to all them.  These pics are only places I’ve been to, and frequent often.


1. Bruges Waffles and Frites – If you have never had a Belgian waffle from this place, then you have not lived.

2. Ruby Snap – Best cookies in town by far.  They even have them at Harmon’s in the frozen section now.

3. Gourmandise – The display case is a work of art.  Probably one of the widest selections of French Pastries in the valley.


1. Pat’s BBQ – Undisputed king of all things BBQ.  Every Friday they do their famous burnt ends and rib tips lunch special.  Get these while listening to some live music


1. Park Cafe – Another pretty easy decision.  They are located just North of Liberty park, and are always packed.  Delicious food and great prices.  Can’t beat it.


1. Lucky 13 – The beer battered onion rings that compliment these burgers are amazing.  It’s the perfect burger – side dish combo.

2. Copper Creek Pub & Grub – My favorite West Valley spot.  Try the garlic burgers.


1. Benja Thai and Sushi – I know its in St. George, but its the only place for the moment that I feel deserves to be on this list.  Lots of other places came close.  I’m hoping to find some others for this category in 2013.


1. Cannella’s – There are few places I need to try that have been talked up.  For now though, these guys are king.

2. Siragusa’s Taste of Italy – New kid on the block.  I hope they stay around for a long time.


1. Red Iguana – They are the best, and have been for quite a while.

2. Frida Bistro – Great upscale Mexican dining.

3. Lonestar Taqueria – If you haven’t tried here, you are missing out.


1. Settebello – They way all pizza should be made.

2. Pizzeria Limone – Another great choice from the Ft. Union area.

3. Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery – I could of gone with 3-4 different places at the #3 spot, but the bronze goes to the creators of the Fat Kid pizza.


1. Moochies – These 3 choices are my toughest because I love a great sandwich.  #1 has to be my first review ever.

2. Robin’s Nest – The best sandwich downtown.  No other is close.

3. 9th South Delicatessen – They are the fine dining of sandwiches.  I’ve never tasted the 9th South’s Reuben’s equal.


1. Z Chop Haus – Atmosphere, Service, and Quality.  A+ all around.

2. Longhorn Steakhouse – An Austin import.  Great place!


Gold – Moochies

Silver – Pat’s BBQ

Bronze –Bruges Waffles and Frites


Feedback appreciated!

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